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2014 Local Authors Exhibit San Diego Central Library 1


Noel, Lori and Rafael with Rachel Esguerra, an organizer of the Local Author Exhibit!  A gala held in January 2014 at the new Central Library downtown honored San Diego area authors for books published in 2013.


Spooked CoverTwo unlucky individuals find themselves trapped in a haunted house, where the spirits are more than restless.  They're very disturbed.

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Sleep Of Fools

Sleep Of Fools CoverAre dreams fact or fiction?  How well do we know what we do as we slumber, when we are most vulnerable?  Can we trust our surroundings to be there once we open our eyes?  Can we rely on the shadows not to spirit us away?  The answers might startle you as the eyelids of possibility are peeled back . . .

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In life there are periods of calm punctuated by phases of unrest when things become hectic.  And then there are times when You-Know-Where breaks loose and we are thrust into a state of absolute havoc.  But that isn't what I wish to discuss.  It's simply an observation.  We all have those sudden cliffhangers when the tension is cranked beyond our limit.  When we're dangling by a scrawny filament or skating on a brittle sheet of ice.  We may even feel disoriented, like our life is not our life.  Picture if you will a cuckoo bird landing on a crab-apple tree, surrounded by g

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