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Ravens And Crows: Three

Join me if you will for a stroll near The Edge.  A walk through the park of panting breathless needlepoint embroidery laced with terror.  Let us embark on a treacherous trek beneath the surface of Comprehension to the very bowelish sundered pinings and confinings of Unsanity.  Veer right below the Arc Of Apprehension.  Steer left toward the Brink Of Doom.  But don't hesitate there or you'll be lost.  Let us slog amid the sludge, jog across the drudge of wasted thought.  Venture beyond the dungeous drapes of the morbid mundane, into the hinterzone of unhinged reasoning.

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Entertainment Is Essential: And So Is Hope

In all of life we undergo a series of moments that vacillate between the distant reaches of Joy and Despair.  Sometimes we seem to bounce back and forth like a table-tennis ball, one half with a painted grin, the other wearing a pout (a smile turned upside down isn't necessarily a frown, when you think about it).  As flipping television channels repeatedly from comedy to drama may leave us dazed and blinking, so might the hectic ping-pong match of Existence if not for the luminous rays of Hope that shine forth out of our deepest darknesses.  Know what I mean?

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Finally, a discussion on one of my favoritest topics:  Hats!  There are all types, as many as there are varieties of birds.  But don't quote me on that because I haven't counted either.  What?  Speak up!  I hate when my mind mumbles.  Does yours ever do that?  Extremely irritating.  Some people have heart murmurs.  It's probably just as annoying.  Okay, I'm listening!  Sorry, you'll have to talk louder!  And enunciate!  I can't understand your gibberish!  You're right, it might help if I quit shouting.  This isn't about hats you say?  Well then, I must've misunderstood. 

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Keep The Heart Of A Child: Chapter Two


nonsense and stuff


(Original Publication Date on
Trilllogic Innoventions: June 6, 2009)




I'm sure you must be wondering what I mean by the title up there.  That's what I'm trying to figure out.  I'll let you know once I do.  You see, I was beset by ideas for a variety of verse, as if a storm blew in and showered me — instead of droplets, with letters that collected into puddles of words on my mental parchment.  As I sit here drying off, tapping keys to convey and capture the essence of the deluge, I have been attempting to glean some thread of grand design that binds them all together.  A theme of sorts that I could slap up there and prattle about at succinct

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New Book, Tech Center And More!

Like bees and beavers, we have been very busy!  First, we have another book release to announce — "Poetic Reflections:  Keep The Heart Of A Child" by Lori R. Lopez is now available in print from Amazon.com and E-book/download at Scribd.com.  You can read a sample chapter on the book's product page.  You can also preview the E-book there.  We have previews of Lori's first two E-books on their product pages in Trilllogic Library.  Lastly, our Online Tech Support Service page is up and running!


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