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Keep The Heart Of A Child: Chapter Two


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(Original Publication Date on
Trilllogic Innoventions: June 6, 2009)




I'm sure you must be wondering what I mean by the title up there.  That's what I'm trying to figure out.  I'll let you know once I do.  You see, I was beset by ideas for a variety of verse, as if a storm blew in and showered me — instead of droplets, with letters that collected into puddles of words on my mental parchment.  As I sit here drying off, tapping keys to convey and capture the essence of the deluge, I have been attempting to glean some thread of grand design that binds them all together.  A theme of sorts that I could slap up there and prattle about at succinct

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New Book, Tech Center And More!

Like bees and beavers, we have been very busy!  First, we have another book release to announce — "Poetic Reflections:  Keep The Heart Of A Child" by Lori R. Lopez is now available in print from Amazon.com and E-book/download at Scribd.com.  You can read a sample chapter on the book's product page.  You can also preview the E-book there.  We have previews of Lori's first two E-books on their product pages in Trilllogic Library.  Lastly, our Online Tech Support Service page is up and running!

Keep The Heart Of A Child: Chapter Four






i waited all month for this column to zap me with a bolt of inspiration as they're apt to do until i had nearly despaired with three days left in june


as luck or fate would have it the theme snuck up furtively and i was thinking about it before i even knew that it was the theme of my next poetry column


pretty sneaky if you ask me


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Entertainment Is Essential: When It Can Make You Weep

I know I'm not the only person to be moved to tears by the ending of a book or movie.  Books can elevate the soul or wring the emotions like a wet hanky.  Films can make graphic statements that are seared into the mind's eye.  So don't pretend you think I'm some wacko because saying goodbye to a television series that has been part of my life for a number of years is heart-wrenching.  It isn't peculiar in the least to feel sad over the loss of beloved characters — even if they're no more real than that myth about the moon being made of cheese!  (That isn't real, right?)

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