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Enhanced Dance Of The Chupacabras: The Video - HD

High-Def version with extra features. A funny spooky animated dance video promoting the humorous fantasy novel DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS by Lori R. Lopez.

Trilllogic Entertainment: 

Dance Of The Chupacabras: The Video

A funny yet spooky animated dance video featuring Chupacabras in his lair, as described in the humorous horror-fantasy epic adventure novel titled DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS by Lori R. Lopez.

Trilllogic Entertainment: 


The mood strikes to write in a peculiar manner.  To speak of that which cannot be described except by the bizarrest-meaning terms.  To stretch vernaculars like putty, craft the craftiest of hodgepodged whimmeries, then skip off merrily through the leavenings of Fall like a bansheed fairy!

Thus we have the following, the result of all this "linguistic linguini" — to quote Volume One of my lifestory — a poem about the sheer oddity of it all.  Whatever "it" might be.  So, without further t'ado . . .



Trilllogic Entertainment: 

Dance Of The Chupacabras Releases!!!

We're proud to announce two new releases:  "Dance Of The Chupacabras" the book and "Dance Of The Chupacabras:  The Video"!  The humorous fantasy-horror epic adventure novel by Lori R. Lopez is available through Products And Services, also on Amazon.  A funny animated dance video based on a scene from the book is now playing at YouTube, featuring original music by Trilllogy3 (Lori, Noel, and Rafael Lopez) and lyrics from the book.  See the video on YouTube at: 


Did I spell it wrong, as in "Halloween"?  Or "Hollowing", as to carve a pumpkin's snaggled grin?  Let me rub my chin and contemplate.  Nay, I think the word should be this way.

Trilllogic Entertainment: 

Happy Birthday, trilllogicinnoventions.com!

Today is the second birthday of our website!!!  Thanks for stopping by to join the celebration!  Also, we expect to release our next product, the book "Dance of the Chupacabras" by Lori Lopez, by the end of September or early October.


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