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You can now hear the peculiar inner thinkings of LoriRLopez on Twitter!  Here are a few examples:


Called 911 for papercut. Ambulance lost, took cab. In surgery now; hope they finish soon. Seventeenth stitch. Should leave a nice scar!


Like the question about a tree falling in the forest, I wanted to see if I failed to post this monthly column whether it would be missed.  Of course, the answer is no — unlike the classic tree punderance, which you know would still make a sound even if no one were there to hear it strike the ground.  Don’t give me any guff.  There would be a sound.

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Dance Of The Chupacabras Bonus Excerpt


HUMIDITY AND SHADOWS LINGERED.  The storm had evanesced.  Noél scratched a sticky scalp.  His body felt cramped from sitting too long.  He wanted this nightmare to end and speculatively stretched out to emerge.

The tempest, as if taunting him, began again — a prepensive torrent; a rampant moratorium.

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An LOTR Mystery

The Lord Of The Rings movies were very well made and quite faithful to the original books by JRR Tolkien.  However, as I watched the epic quest extend upon the screen, certain characters and elements stood out to me as missing — such as the mysterious, singing Tom Bombadil.  Though the films were superbly crafted without him, I would have enjoyed seeing how Peter Jackson portrayed old Tom.  From the first time we were introduced to the hopping and dancing man in the book, Tom was a mystifying and fascinating character.  But what does the book tell us of him?

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Entertainment Is Essential: Unless It's Not Entertaining!

Upon the success of my debut ENTERTAINMENT article (just kidding — but seriously, you should read it), I caved to unpopular demand in deciding to compose a sequel.  Or a string of sequels.  What could I possibly say to generate further lack of interest?  The solution is obvious:  I need to discuss what isn't Entertainment.  Like this article.  (Insert canned laughter.)  Okay, I'm being facetious.  The initial ENTERTAINMENT was well-received, and that's a lot to live up to.  I'm under a great deal of pressure.  

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No News Isn't Good News!

We wanted to let you know some of our latest updates to the website.  We recently added a third photo gallery for Lori, along with galleries for Noel and Rafael.  More song lyrics have been posted (check Trilllogic Library or Trilllogy3 band page).  We are releasing new column entries this month as well, including Poetic Reflections and Ravens And Crows (on a full Moon!) . . .


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