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Entertainment Is Essential

Between global economic woes and a planetary crisis, it might seem trivial or silly to fret over entertainment issues.  Who can think of movies, books, and T.V. at a time like this?  Perhaps merely fringe elements of society such as myself who tend to obsess about aesthetics and values — qualities which distinguish us from the common caveman.  I mean, sure, they had their art.  But you have to admit, the style was a tad primitive . . .

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Basic Survival In A Wild World

Exploring nature’s most remote and wild places is one of the most beautiful and wondrous adventures to be upon. The wilderness is exciting, awe-inspiring, and beguiling yet can be a dangerous and deadly place if you get lost.

I consider myself one of those fellows who loves being outside and hiking in the fresh air of a wild world. However, since it is a risky venture, there are a few items I never go without. I like to say that with these items a person can survive practically anywhere.

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