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Behind the curtain, the Fairy Fly is working her magic!

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Our enchanting offerings are still available to add to your treasures, read samples of, and watch readings from these sources . . .

About Us

Lori R. Lopez, Noel Lopez, and Rafael Lopez are multi-talents whose projects cross the industries of books, film, music and art.  Fairy Fly Entertainment is where it all comes together.

A creative family-team from San Diego, California of artists, authors, poets, composers, musicians, actors, and filmmakers.


Lori R. Lopez — Author, Poet, Artist, Singer-Songwriter/Musician, Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Hat Collector/Model.


Noel Lopez— Singer/Musician, Songwriter/Composer, Author, Poet, Actor, Artist, Sound Engineer, PHP/HTML/CSS/C/Bash/JavaScript/Python Developer.


Rafael Lopez— Actor/Director, Filmmaker, Author, Poet, Artist, CG Artist/Modeler/Animator, Singer, Screenwriter.


We’re all Vegan, and if you’d like to learn why we recommend a plant-based diet and how you can try it, have a look at our Vegan Resources page.

About Our Name

The Fairy Fly is a character and novel created by Lori R. Lopez back in 1998.  The book was published in 2013.  We think she’s so special that we chose her to represent our entertainment company, formerly called Trilllogic Innoventions.  Noel and Rafael redesigned the logo, and on the sixth anniversary of our website launch — September 14, 2013 — we made the change official.

“Where you have been is not as important as where you are going, even if you’re going in a circle, because you can decide your next step.  You can be whatever your heart desires.  That is the magic of this world.  We can choose our own paths if we are brave enough to be individuals.” — The Fairy Fly

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Your right to privacy is very important to us.  That is why we do not track or collect any personally identifiable information from you while you visit our website,


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