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Let’s be serious.  (A very stern look.)  Ha, fooled ya.  Probably scared you a tick or a tock if you’ll admit it.  You won’t?  Are you sure?  Are you absolutely certain?  Fine, be that way.  I can be that way too.  (Arms folded.)  These are serious times, calling for serious columns and serious verse.  But at this moment we will not be serious.  We will ignore the times, the clock, the hands of Fate, and declare that it is time for a mad tea break (like a coffee break but with tea).  A tepid water with lemon break in my case.  It might even be time for a new clock, as the

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Trilllogic Entertainment: 

A New Halloween Release And More News!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Fairy Fly Entertainment!


Introducing a new E-book from Lori R. Lopez, a Halloween tale called THE DARK MISTER SNARK.  Mister Snark is an outcast living in a town named Gothby.  His routine of lurking and prowling through shadows is disrupted by three boisterous birds and a bratty sorcerer.  The illustrated print edition will be available soon.  You can learn more on our Products Page.


The Dark Mister Snark

The Dark Mister SnarkThere are those individuals we know little about who skulk and creep delightfully across page or screen.  In reality, we are taught to avoid them.  Sometimes, however, they may surprise us.  The Dark Mister Snark is such a figure.  Beware!


At HorrorCon International, Los Angeles 2015


The very dusty and well-preserved, also macabre and fascinating R.I.P. The Undertaker, otherwise known as Rick Galiher, visits Fairy Fly Entertainment's booth!


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