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Ice Bucket Challenge, Beauty, And A Convention!

August 17th we went to Los Angeles for the latest Comic Book/Sci Fi Convention and met some more fantastic folks, including the distinguished Edward James Olmos and the lovely Caity Lotz!  Fun and more fun was had by all.  Sharing our work with the public is a very cool experience.  We appreciate the interest and support!

Lori R. Lopez released another E-book, this one an amusing horror tale called BEAUTY.  We hope you'll check it out.

Lori R. Lopez: Ice Bucket Challenge

Author Lori R. Lopez takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for A.L.S. in this humorous video, thanks to a challenge from fellow author Terry M. West! Learn more about A.L.S. and how you can help at healingals.org, healingwithdrcraig.com, HumaneSeal.org, and ALSA.org (please ask that your donation to ALSA not be used for research that uses animal testing).


Beauty CoverA dormant girl named Beauty, who controls and terrifies the people around her, wants to possess another girl.  Quiet, don’t wake her up or there will be Hell to pay!

Trilllogic Entertainment: 

New Stuff!!!

We proudly present three new E-books and more!  Lori R. Lopez has published a new Halloween tale titled SAMHAIN at Amazon.  Rafael L. Lopez has released the first two epic-fantasy LASTENBERG tales, OPON-HUL and ERE THE DARK DIRT, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.  Visit our Product Page for all of the available titles and links.


Additionally, there are new Photos and Wallpapers, along with some new links under Interviews & Features.  There will be further releases and activities ahead, so come back soon!

Ere The Dark Dirt

Ere The Dark Dirt CoverA legendary archer is summoned from his tomb to battle creatures that threaten to cover the world in darkness in the second LASTENBERG tale.

Trilllogic Entertainment: 


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