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Although I tend to be old-fashioned and behind the times in many ways, whether by choice or budget or for some other reason probably a bit more peculiar, I do on occasion manage to be on time.  It is purely by accident most of the time.  It’s not as if I have some big or little clock I consult like a crystal ball to guide me.  It just sort of happens, as it would happen, and of course I have to make the best of the situation.  What choice do I have?  So here I am on the four hundred and fiftieth birthday of William Shakespeare (wow, this guy’s old) writing an introduction

Trilllogic Entertainment: 

At The San Diego Earth Fair 2014


On April 27, 2014 we participated in San Diego's 25th Earth Fair as Fairy Fly Entertainment.  We are very proud to have been among those helping to spread messages about conservation, the environment, and our planet.

lake monsters

Fishing about in my brainpool for a suitable title and theme of my next poetry column, I hooked a big one.  You know the beast, one of those grandiose whoppers that gives birth to legends.  Despite the magnitude of its dimensions, it is a little odd as a subject for a group of poems, yet that has never stopped me before.  In fact, it only seems to encourage me.  And now that I think of it, perhaps it is high time for a column that is rather outlandishly off the track and around the bend.  I do love a good venture into the Land Of Odd.  Also known as Tinker Town, Bananaspl

Trilllogic Entertainment: 

March 2014 Great Southwest / Los Angeles Book Festival Awards 1


Lori R. Lopez receives two awards for her novel THE FAIRY FLY:  Winner of the Young Adult category in The Great Southwest Book Festival and Honorable Mention/Finalist in The Los Angeles Book Festival, March 2014 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.


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