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Entertainment Is Essential: Do you think films regarded as classics should be remade?

* Yes - It does not detract from the original.
* No - It is pointless, unnecessary, and insults the original.
* It depends on which movie is being remade and by whom.
* I don't think any film should be remade!
* I think there should be more remakes!
* I haven't decided.
* I don't care.

Entertainment Is Essential

Between global economic woes and a planetary crisis, it might seem trivial or silly to fret over entertainment issues.  Who can think of movies, books, and T.V. at a time like this?  Perhaps merely fringe elements of society such as myself who tend to obsess about aesthetics and values — qualities which distinguish us from the common caveman.  I mean, sure, they had their art.  But you have to admit, the style was a tad primitive . . .

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