What terror lurks behind the fence in an ordinary neighborhood?  What manner of monster will you see if you peek through a knothole?  Something ugly.  Something angry.  Something with a very large appetite.  Take a peek, go ahead.  And then run back the way you came!!!  You do not want to reach the end of the fence . . .

A creature has emerged from the sewer, mean and deformed, an anomaly.  Experience the chills and chuckles of another offbeat tale by an author who loves to weave intricate weird tapestries.  Watch your step the next time you leave your home.  A creep could be slithering through your neighborhood!

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E-Book:  4,212 Words
Age Range:  12 and up.



It didn’t come from outer space.  Didn’t emerge from the ocean.  And didn’t exist undiscovered in some jungle or tropical rainforest for millennia.  It crawled up out of the sewer, and it was mad.

~ from Creep

Some dudes were addicted to video games.  Others to comic books or a specific movie franchise.  There were those who waxed fanatic about doing tricks on skateboards or bikes.  Lucas Harmon loved cookies.

~ from Creep

There was something on the other side of a wooden fence.  He could hear it move beside him, keeping pace with a sweeping rustle.  The boy’s gait slowed and he listened, ear pressed to a rough plank.  The noise halted as well.  Holding his breath, he ducked down to peep through a hole in the board.  A circular eye startled him, staring back.  He jerked away in fear.  It wasn’t a normal eye.  The pupil was vertical.  Like a cat.  Or a reptile.  Retreating, scooting crablike, he paused a safe distance and shoved to his feet then fled.  He was racing along the fence.  That was his initial mistake.  His second:  stopping to gape in terror when the fence ran out and the thing confronted him.

He was just a kid.  A random victim.  It wasn’t personal.  An appendage flew forth, wrapping around his neck.  Yanked toward jaws that seemed jacked impossibly wide, he was gulped within headfirst and pinned by fangs, as its gullet mashed his upper half to a soft consistency.

Sometimes we have no chance for regrets.


“Those who read my review of Lori R. Lopez’s mini-collection — 3-Z — from a few weeks back may recall that, while not 100% my particular cup of tea, there was enough in there to pique my interest.  Well, I’ve downloaded a handful of her short stories from Smashwords to see what else she has up her sleeve.


Creep is a lot of fun.  A fairly standard monster-on-the-rampage plot, this tale bounces along at breakneck speed.  Lopez employs the very effective technique of introducing characters one after the other, in quick succession, only to have them killed off just as swiftly by the beast in question.  It’s a good trick:  all the characters are sketched, rather than fully-realised, but since they’re only monster chow in the end, that’s not a problem.  You get to know them enough, their immediate hopes, dreams, and whatnot, that you care a little when they die, which is enough for this short piece . . . a fun monster romp, worth the time you’ll spend reading it.”

Douglas Prince
Goodreads Review

“When I started this short story I had a million ideas of what I thought the Creep was and I was wrong…  If you like stories of revenge and hatred with a little bit of regurgitation thrown in for good measure, this story is for you.  There is action in this horror from the first page all the way through until the final sentence.  This is also one of the stories where you want to feel bad for the thing doing the killing.  I think this is one of those few stories where you want just the right kind of people to read it and have to spend a while looking over their shoulders from the guilt they feel in their heart.”

Jennifer Thomas
Smashwords and Goodreads Reviews

“Lori Lopez has created a vignette of several moments and has brewed them so masterfully, brought them home and served them up in this fresh little story entitled Creep.  A few of the pieces could well serve on their own if brought to further fruition, but together work just as beautifully.  What a talented lady.”

Malina Roos
ONLY FIVE STAR REVIEWS; Amazon and Goodreads Review

“[W]ell worth the read!  Lori does it again with a short, but packed story!  Not her usual fragrant style, this time she just slams you into the action… or into the jaws of the monster…. so much munching was going on I forgot to eat my lunch!  [A] really brilliant read that leaves you rooting for the monster, well it did me anyway!”

Vix Kirkpatrick
THE FLUFFY RED FOX REVIEWS; Amazon, Barnes & Noble Reviews

“Beware!  Lori Lopez has set upon the earth a true menace.  Be careful as you walk home!  She uses her wide vocabulary to write this horrific and witty tale.  I truly enjoyed the journey Ms. Lopez took me on to find out what was the true Creep.”

Amazon and Smashwords Review

“Read During Daylight:  It was kind of bizarre.  Basically one unidentified entity (monster, creature, alien?) systematically eats people walking past wherever it happens to be at the moment . . .  I wouldn’t object to recommending it, as long as you realize it’s just a short, linear tale.  (Uh… no pun intended there; you’ll HAVE to read the book now, just to understand why I said “no pun intended”!)”

Amazon and Goodreads Review

About The Author & Artist

Growing up in a small storybook Wisconsin town, Lori R. Lopez would hike a good distance to and from school passing many a fence.  Her imagination might tend to wander with her, and wonder what lay on the other side, coming up with strange answers.  At times she actually encountered something or other, such as a wee shivering bat hanging upside-down, which she stopped to warm in her hands and worry over.  At times her walks to school were epic battles against the elements:  up a tall hill coated with ice; along frozen glazed sidewalks that caused injuries to her knees when she slipped and fell.  At times she experienced bullying of one sort and another.  Lori walked her dog, walked to the Library, walked to South Woods when little with a paper sack of stuffed animals to run away . . . Once she walked down to the edge of a lake and thought she saw a Sea Monster.  Then there were the times that she rode a bike.  Through it all, she had monsters on her brain, lurking in her head.  They couldn’t catch up to her bike, except when she had an accident and broke her front teeth in Second Grade.  That day, a monster blocked the road, she is certain.  (Hindsight means making things up in retrospect, because a monster is a much better excuse than a big tree branch.  Then again, maybe the bough was deliberately dropped by an evil tree spirit!)  Nonetheless, the worst monsters she met as a child were human, and they didn’t necessarily hide behind a fence.  She herself has been hiding behind fences for years, along with some very fine company — two sons and an assortment of semi-feral cats they adopted.  Not all fences are frightful, so please do not develop a complex after reading this creepy tale.

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