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Age Range:  10 and up

Formats:  E-Book

Approx. Length:  7,111 Words

Story 2 of the Lastenberg series.

The tales of Lastenberg relate the hero’s on-going battle against evil.  Lastenberg is summoned to protect the inhabitants of Dathzon every few hundred years or so, when no one else can find a way to save the world.  Each short story in this collection tells one of those times and his struggles to protect the land from perils.  Though the world he saves changes as decades pile, the hero never dies



Most of the people longed to see the outer lands.  In their hearts they wondered how the ocean smelled, how a distant range of mountains glistened when touched by ice, and how the world of yore sounded when graced with abundance.  Everyone had lived in Ettron Forest and Gonith Plains for as long as anyone could recall.  In the center was The Mountain, a single peak that held a temple at its summit.  There The Staff of Hope was sheltered, which held back the darkness from consuming their small refuge.  The Dark Dirt had long before consumed the rest of the world.  But all that had changed.

~ from Ere The Dark Dirt

The sky was clean and the crown of the world shone again of gold.  For a time far too long the skies of Dathzon had been murky with death.  It was the night that would not leave the horizon.  Yet now it seemed to the people who lived their lives in the shadow of The Mountain, a new age was arising and a new brighter morning had been born.  Right they were, for the sun ascended with hope steering the way.  The sight was one unseen for many a year prior.  Dawn stretched from horizon to horizon, painting the heavens with rainbow hues.  It may not seem like a rare sight to you, but for the people of Dathzon it was the first time they had ever seen the glory of sunrise so full.  And they cherished it.

The Land of Dark Dirt held no sway over the world anymore.  It was gone.  The once impermeable clouds now showered down as rain into the barren lands, and rivers flowed where only blackness had clogged their way.  Mountains rose from obscurity in the far distance for the hearts of adventurers to absorb.  Up to this day the people knew but a single mountain, that which they dwelled around.  They knew little even of the white snow adorning others of grander stature.

A new world blossomed, and everyone who stood to watch it was breathless in awe.  After all, unexplored wilderness is the most magnificent part of a world rich with life.

These were the days after The Dark Dirt.  And they were void yet full of wondrous beginnings.  The days ere The Dark Dirt were nothing the same, filled with lives but gathering death everywhere.  The time during the darkness held a careful line between life and death, for each ruled parts of Dathzon.


“Also a must read by Rafael are, ‘OPON-HUL’ and ‘Ere The Dark Dirt’, from the LASTENBERG tales. Rafael is a briliant young man and author.”

Quinn Cullen
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