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Lori R. Lopez
Lori R. Lopez Artwork

Do you enjoy quirkiness? Peculiar art? Absurd nonsense? New words? Humorous offbeat characters and tales? Fantastical creatures and poetic narration? Dark and light verse? Speculative Fiction with Horror, Suspense, Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, or other genres blended to a mad concoction? Then you’re in the right place! Peek at the wonders and weirdos. Watch where you stand and step . . . be careful of the oddities roaming about. There are quite a few, which strangely means a lot, not a little. I hope you enjoy your visit to my Page. It’s really very nice here. There is Basket-Weaving on Tuesdays, and Thumb Twiddling on the weekends. Visitor Hours are indefinite, and the walls are pleasantly padded for your protection.


Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez



I wear a lot of hats, literally and otherwise. Author, Poet, Artist, Singer and Songwriter, Musician, Actress, Activist . . . I write and illustrate books for many ages, from adults down to little kids, primarily Speculative Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy, often containing humor. The list includes novels, short story collections, poetry collections, storybooks and more in both print and E-book formats. Some of my favorite themes are conservation, anti-bullying, peace, the rights of animals and children. I’ve recently become vegan, after being a vegetarian before it was fashionable in most of the U.S. (it is now, you just might not know it). For years I was the only vegetarian I knew.


My stories and verse have been published in numerous anthologies, along with magazines such as THE SIRENS CALL, WEIRDBOOK and THE HORROR ZINE, on websites including Hellnotes.com and Halloween Forevermore. I have been interviewed and featured on various sites, among them Horror Addicts and Promote Horror.com for Women In Horror Month 2015.  I am a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Lewis Carroll Society Of North America.


I wrote many songs in the Eighties and Nineties. In 2015 my sons and I formed a band called Fairyfly to finally start recording and releasing them. We have also been working together on video and film projects. You can see our author readings, improv films, music videos and more on our Films Page. Also on or linked to the Fairy Fly Entertainment YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/fairyflyent


Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez



My Inklings


A whirlwind of ambitious (eccentric) notions, fixated with being original, I consider myself a born jester and have known since very small my destiny would be to create and entertain. During the journey I developed a strong sense of who I am as an artistic individual and have endeavored to stand up for my principles in all things, creative and otherwise. I’ve learned that failure more than success can help shape who we are . . . but success is living on our terms as much as possible, and not giving up. According to that, I’m a success! (According to fame or fortune, I am still confused for Anonymous. The writer, not the group of hackers.)


Feather Quill


Lori Lopez Author



I am a person who cares deeply about the world, about Nature and Humanity, about the past and present as well as the future of our planet. Much of my work, whatever the medium, has been dedicated to improving our social and ecological environment. I became a vegetarian at age fifteen and decided for myself it was easier to say no when offered alcohol, tobacco, and drugs than to damage my health. I am an advocate of peace, justice, conservation, and helping those in need including victims of abuse. Some of my heroes are Doris Day, Princess Diana, Steve Irwin, Mackenzie Phillips, Angela Shelton, and Geri Small-Graham. Also my sons Noél and Rafael Lopez. Noél for his talents, intellect, creativity, and emotions. Rafael for his talents, imagination, kindness, and courage. He is a shining example of a hero.


I love books, music, and films. I also love my sons. It means so much that they share my creative interests, as well as my concerns about animals and the planet. I always want to be as positive an example for them as they are for me. I tried to put my children first and homeschooled them Grades K through 12. Over the years my creativity has been expressed by penning ballads, verse and poetic prose; painting; nurturing and supporting the talents of my sons. At last we are able to combine our talents to present a variety of projects to the world. I have waited a long time for such an opportunity.


Our story will be detailed on the pages of a book series titled HERSTORY, one of my epic adventures, in progress since 1989.


In 2009 I became active as an advocate against abuse. Being a survivor myself, I was inspired to join “We Support Mackenzie Phillips’ Decision To Speak Out Against Abuse” on Facebook, then Angela Shelton’s “Army Of Angels”. It changed my life to meet other survivors and listen to their stories. I believe that speaking up and speaking out is the best form of healing, the best way to prevent such tragedies from flourishing in silence and the dark.



Descriptive Drivel


“To me, words are music!” --- Lori R. Lopez


“I’m the first to admit that I don’t write right. Now relax and enjoy the show!

The sideshow, that is.” --- Lori R. Lopez




It’s impossible to foretell. Could be anything from the bizarre and fantastic to the mythically historic; from memorable and inspiring to horrific and quirkily humorous, Frankenstein-stitched together!


Here’s what she has to say:


In me lurks an innate desire to deviate from the norm. I have spent years developing a style I feel is my own. I am meticulous about editing and rewrite much more than I write. I’m quite passionate about poetic prose, about the balance and flow of each sentence I compose. I am a bit obsessive-compulsive over redundance. And I hold unconventional views that I refuse to compromise, such as the voice of a story should be seen and heard (rather than kept quiet so as not to attract attention). I believe above all in being different! Oh, and I make up words.


Composing letters and words on a page, in my opinion, should be the same as arranging a symphony with notes and measures. I believe strongly that creative writing cannot be confined by a standard doctrine but should break the rules and flow beyond. Those who insist one must only write a certain way are damaging the spectrum and license of literature.


Style and voice should be an author’s choice!

Lori R. Lopez


I further believe a writer without a broad vocabulary is like a craftsman without tools. Words are the medium we create in. We should not be restricted to common everyday language when there are terms available from a wealth of tongues, dialects, cultures, and periods. It is up to us to apply them well, as artists stroke paint upon canvas.


Don’t be afraid to read something that can make you stop and think, or to read a passage again.


Some of my very favorite authors are Lewis Carroll, Doctor Seuss, Maurice Sendak, Edgar Allan Poe, The Brothers Grimm, Mother Goose, Victor Hugo, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Robert Louis Stevenson, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and William Shakespeare.


Behold the descriptions of my “Abby Normal” tales on the product pages, if you think you can handle something intensely ORIGINAL. But don’t take my word for it — test the waters yourself and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.


(Disclaimer: This warranty does not hold up in a court of law. The author makes no presumptions or assessments as to the mentality, competency, aptitude, intelligence, or literary tastes of the reader.)


Find free short stories, book excerpts, and poetry by this author at our Library.


You can find lyrics to released or upcoming songs on our band page: Fairyfly.



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You can also find some of her stories and poems in various anthologies on Amazon and Lulu:  Cursed Curiosities and Beyond The Cosmic Veil.



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From the author's mouth:  "Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back. There are plenty of projects to add in future months. My imagination never sleeps."


Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez


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