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The Fairy Fly Release

After many moons of working hard, we have released more books and attended our first book fair!  Check out the L.A. Times Festival Of Books photos, and our Products Page to see the titles we've been launching.  From Lori's first E-book CHOCOLATE-COVERED EYES (also now available in print) . . . her novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS in E-book and an illustrated print edition launched last month at the Festival Of Books . . . THE MACABRE MIND OF LORI R.

Anthologies And Award

It might be April Fool's Day but we're not fooling when we announce that Lori R. Lopez has been whirling like a dervish these days, spinning tales of terror and humor!  Or that she is the winner of the ViNoWriMo 2011 Award from Vicious Writers for her fantasy-horror novel "An Ill Wind Blows", which she wrote in one month for the writing competition.  Print and digital versions of the book will be released in the near future.


New Book, Tech Center And More!

Like bees and beavers, we have been very busy!  First, we have another book release to announce — "Poetic Reflections:  Keep The Heart Of A Child" by Lori R. Lopez is now available in print from and E-book/download at  You can read a sample chapter on the book's product page.  You can also preview the E-book there.  We have previews of Lori's first two E-books on their product pages in Trilllogic Library.  Lastly, our Online Tech Support Service page is up and running!

E-Book Versions On Scribd!

Here at Trilllogic Innoventions we have welcomed 2010 with a new venture:  E-Book versions of our literature.  "Dance Of The Chupacabras" and "Out-Of-Mind Experiences" by Lori R. Lopez are now available for purchase on Lori's Scribd Store.  We are also releasing for sale "Ere The Dark Dirt", a short story by Rafael L. Lopez, currently available only on Scribd.  You can check out their samples and download them.  We are planning to embed them on our site as well.  Below are the links:

Dance Of The Chupacabras Releases!!!

We're proud to announce two new releases:  "Dance Of The Chupacabras" the book and "Dance Of The Chupacabras:  The Video"!  The humorous fantasy-horror epic adventure novel by Lori R. Lopez is available through Products And Services, also on Amazon.  A funny animated dance video based on a scene from the book is now playing at YouTube, featuring original music by Trilllogy3 (Lori, Noel, and Rafael Lopez) and lyrics from the book.  See the video on YouTube at: 

Happy Birthday,!

Today is the second birthday of our website!!!  Thanks for stopping by to join the celebration!  Also, we expect to release our next product, the book "Dance of the Chupacabras" by Lori Lopez, by the end of September or early October.


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