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You can now hear the peculiar inner thinkings of LoriRLopez on Twitter!  Here are a few examples:


Called 911 for papercut. Ambulance lost, took cab. In surgery now; hope they finish soon. Seventeenth stitch. Should leave a nice scar!

No News Isn't Good News!

We wanted to let you know some of our latest updates to the website.  We recently added a third photo gallery for Lori, along with galleries for Noel and Rafael.  More song lyrics have been posted (check Trilllogic Library or Trilllogy3 band page).  We are releasing new column entries this month as well, including Poetic Reflections and Ravens And Crows (on a full Moon!) . . .

Lori Photo Gallery And Tech Help Forum

We have new additions to our website!  Lori has a new photo gallery showing off a few of her cool hats, along with her Zone Zero exploration gallery.  So check it out on Inklings Of Lori Lopez or About Lori Lopez.  Also, we have a new computer help forum.  You can now sign up to post questions about your computer problems and our tech-expert Noel can answer them for free if time permits.  Also other members who sign up can help you.  That's one of the advantages of being a member of The Trilllogic Innoventions community.  And if it is too complicated to answer on the forum,

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

We're back!  With the migration to our new content management system underway, we are introducing many exciting features and content.  You can now sign up with us to write comments and participate in our forum, take user polls, and receive the latest in Trilllogic Innoventions news.  Take a look around our site and be sure to check The Trilllogic Library where we have created an article section, begun a variety of columns, and posted more creative writing.

2008 News


Check out the new photo gallery of Lori Lopez, when she was lost in Zone Zero.  You can read about that imaginary place in the upcoming release of her novel, DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS.



OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES, Thirteen Tales by Lori R. Lopez, is now available at our CreateSpace E-Store!  The collection will also be available soon on



2007 News


We are launching a section titled Generation-E, containing a bounty of E-sources to help you be a hero and save the world!  Together we can all improve the planet for a new age of humanity and conservation.  Please visit these pages by clicking the green button on the side menu.
Poetry by Lori Lopez has been added.  Visit About Lori Lopez to read it.



We've just added our new website design and will continue working on improvements and features!


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