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Poetic Reflections: The Queen Of Hats

The Queen Of Hats By Lori R. LopezA collection of very unusual verse, ranging from wacky to dark to narrative.  Lori R. Lopez writes her own way, whether poetry or prose.  This book contains both in an odd yet artful balance.

Volume Two of the POETIC REFLECTIONS book series, THE QUEEN OF HATS is packed with craziness as well as eerie and thoughtful pieces.  Chapters are framed by thirteen eccentric or brooding columns, followed by a rich array of additional content for each theme.  Lori's writing style is wildly original and evocative, providing much to think about in this sequel to KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD.  The print edition includes black-and-white illustrations done by the author.

THE QUEEN OF HATS received HONORABLE MENTION in Poetry from the 2015 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards and an HONORABLE MENTION from the 2014 Halloween Book Festival.




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