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Eath's Geography
The geography of Eath is as varying as its cultures.  Once I have all of the maps ready and everything in order, I will publish an atlas of Eath that shall answer any question you have about its geographical features.  For now, here are some basic facts about the geography of Eath.

The area that the map of Eath below depicts is five thousand miles long by three thousand, seven hundred and twenty miles wide.  Eath consists of four main lands.  Eathrock is the largest, spanning more than three thousand by over two thousand miles.  Eathum and Eathmoun are the second and third largest.  Last is the mysterious island of Muchil where Magick came from.  Added together, the major settlements of all four lands comprise two hundred and thirty four townships.

This is a physical map of Eath.

The Map of Eath

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