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Spider Soup

Spider Soup CoverYou are never truly alone.  While you sleep, nocturnal creatures stir.  A couple discovers that things have changed overnight, and they are no longer in control.  Their house is full of cobwebs, and they are being moved little by little in this suspenseful horror tale.

After inheriting a house, a husband and wife encounter a frightful surprise.  They are surrounded by layer upon layer of silk crawling with arachnids.  What lies beyond the cellar door?  Find out in SPIDER SOUP, a quirky story from the horror collection ODDS AND ENDS by Lori R. Lopez, author of THE FAIRY FLY and AN ILL WIND BLOWS.  Can a relationship survive being pushed past the brink?  How far is too far over the edge?  Alternately tense and humorous, this short story presents a very sticky situation!



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