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Odds And Ends: A Dark Collection

Odds And Ends CoverWhat terrors lurk in the blackest regions of a cellar, amidst dusty cobwebbed shelves, in the glass jars and metal cans of a hopelessly abnormal mind?  These odds and ends are both odd and contain endings.  As in the real world, not everything ends well.  Sometimes it is all about finding a glimmer of light in the shadows, or being forewarned.  Sometimes, the candle’s flame blows out!

An assortment of the weird and wonderfully grim are displayed for your fear and amusement.  Whether you like quiet horror, humorous horror, stark horror, monstrous in-your-face horror, you’ll find what scares you here.  Twenty-six diverse tales and clusters of flash stories or drabbles fit together between dark poems and brief witfully pithy essays on women writing Horror like pieces of a macabre jigsaw puzzle devised by a single madwoman, Lori R. Lopez.

Among the “Odds And Ends” . . . a devilish jack-in-the-box helps a young woman get even.  Two little girls face-off in “Nemeses”.  A very old baby is released from its jar at a museum in “Jar Baby”.  Spaghetti comes to life in “Bloodwyrm”.  A trainride takes one fellow on a harrowing journey toward “Fate”.  A man and woman are reunited by the same curse that tore them apart in “The Fruit Of Thy Womb”.  A weakling finds a dreadful “Cereal Box Surprise” at the bottom of the package.  Ladies play a lethal hand of cards in “Mindless”.  A couple wakes up to discover an enormous cobweb filling the house in “Spider Soup”.  Falling asleep could end the world in “Awake”, while painting portraits takes a nightmarish turn for an artist in “Deathbed”.  A girl watches her friends disappear on a darkly sinister beach at “The Vanishing Point”, and much much more.  The print edition features peculiar illustrations by the author.

DISCLAIMER:  “ODDS AND ENDS isn’t necessarily a collection of happy endings.  Not even the fairytales I write always end happily ever after.  It will make you think and feel.  If you want an uplifting book, go read HOW TO TRAIN YOUR GERBIL.” ~ Lori R. Lopez


Table Of Contents

The Odds:  Why Ladies Write Horror
A Little Dark Verse
1.  Headcase
2.  The Vanishing Point
3.  Bonehenge
4.  The Eye Has It
5.  Crumbs
6.  Jar Baby
7.  The Door
8.  Chill Factor
9.  Don’t
10.  Awake
11.  Drop Dead Fred
12.  The Dead Thing
13.  Mindless
14.  The Dim Bulb
15.  Deathbed
16.  Crumbles
17.  Cereal Box Surprise
18.  Bloodwyrm
19.  Flashes Of Fright
20.  The Fruit Of Thy Womb
21.  Spider Soup
22.  Nemeses
23.  The Blame Game
24.  Fate
25.  Odds And Ends
26.  The Last Word
A Little More Dark Verse
The Ends:  Let’s Dance; Women Write Horror Too; Horror Dames
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Fruit Of Thy Womb

Spider Soup


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