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New Book, Awards & Videos!

Happy New Year!  We've been busy and have a lot of news to share as 2015 picks up steam.  There is a new book out, a horror collection called ODDS AND ENDS:  A DARK COLLECTION by Lori R. Lopez, available in E-book and an illustrated print edition.  Don't read it in the dark.  Turn on the lights.  We also have some new awards to mention!  Rafael L. Lopez won the 2014 Royal Dragonfly Award in the Poetry category for his collection A WORLD OF WORDS.  Lori received Honorable Mentions from the 2014 Halloween Book Festival in the Horror category for THE MACABRE MIND OF LORI R. LOPEZ and in the Wild Card category for POETIC REFLECTIONS:  THE QUEEN OF HATS.  In addition, we have released two new videos:  the FAIRY FLY AUTHOR READING and a funny book trailer for THE QUEEN OF HATS, "The Famous Reclusive Hat Model".  We hope you will check out our latest title and videos.  Have a wonderful year, and thanks for all of your support!


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