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A New Halloween Release And More News!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Fairy Fly Entertainment!


Introducing a new E-book from Lori R. Lopez, a Halloween tale called THE DARK MISTER SNARK.  Mister Snark is an outcast living in a town named Gothby.  His routine of lurking and prowling through shadows is disrupted by three boisterous birds and a bratty sorcerer.  The illustrated print edition will be available soon.  You can learn more on our Products Page.


Also, we're starting our band Fairyfly and have recently released the live acoustic preview of KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD.  Learn more at our band page.


We've been making improvements to our website this year, such as new central pages ABOUT each of us.  We have a number of updates regarding events, including the first horror convention we attended, and the 2015 Orange County Children's Book Festival.  We also attended San Diego Earth Fair and Los Angeles Comic Book & Science Fiction Conventions.  Stop by and see the photos!



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