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Sarah Connor, We Won't Forget You

The battle wages on across the big screen as I fatalistically record these words.  But while the dust settles and we the ragtag followers seek solace once more in the deeper searing gaze of the hero we have come to know and trust so well, we must realize with a bitter cry of anguish that she was taken from us — plucked out of our midst so abruptly, and not by the enemy, The Machines, but by our very own kind.

What can we say to this unconscionable outrage except, in utmost sincerity, “Sarah Connor, we won’t forget you.”  This is a eulogy for a fallen comrade, and not since the Warrior Princess Xena staggered and dropped riddled by arrows on the field of combat have we lost such a tremendously powerful symbol of female fortitude.

Then and now there exists no explanation.  Neither rhyme nor reason can justify the senseless deprivation our world has come to endure.  No excuse can be accepted for such folly, for the almost mechanical destruction of quality and beauty.  Yet we need only to peer at the physical condition of our planet in these times to understand how inexorably Mankind tends to desecrate — whether directly or indirectly — that which is extraordinarily profound.  Sadly, until we learn to appreciate the gifts around us, and not take what we cherish for granted, we will continue to destroy everything of exceptional design.  Sarah Connor’s CHRONICLES was one such treasure.

The Resistance will fight on in your name, opposing a relentless wave of metal mentality that threatens to steamroll straight over the last flower in a pasture . . . to trample Art, grind up Literature, drown Music under the whine and rumble of gears, crush the final shard of handmade craftsmanship, and erase all trace of Humanity — cell by cell, with the cold unthinking brute force of Cancer — from the face of the earth.

We refuse to submit for we have glimpsed a mindless soulless future through your eyes and witnessed the desolate landscape that results.  We have heard the approaching thunder, and trembled at the paranoid terror in your heart.  You have changed us.  You have taught us.  You have touched our spirits with your grace, your strength, your steel yet flesh-and-blood resolve.

By your valor have we been branded.  And indelibly scarred at your tragic loss.  Most of all, we are forever indebted for your efforts on our behalf.  As a mother.  As a fellow member of the human race.

Rest in peace, Sarah Connor.  You will be remembered.

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