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No News Isn't Good News!

We wanted to let you know some of our latest updates to the website.  We recently added a third photo gallery for Lori, along with galleries for Noel and Rafael.  More song lyrics have been posted (check Trilllogic Library or Trilllogy3 band page).  We are releasing new column entries this month as well, including Poetic Reflections and Ravens And Crows (on a full Moon!) . . .

The article "Entertainment Is Essential" will become a column too.  Look for the second installment in the days ahead.  We want to extend a special thanks to, where the first "Entertainment" has received praise and will be featured in their newsletter!

Noel's breathlessly anticipated Computer Survival Kit will even be posted sooooooooooooon.  (We considered making "soon" hundreds of pages long so by the time you were done reading it, Noel would be done with the article.)

One final note:  Trilllo-Bytes is now a newsletter!  Just enter your E-mail at the left to subscribe, unless you are among "The Trilllions" of fans who already have.  You can also become a Trilllion by registering (though we're sure you already did).

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