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Descriptive Drivel: Herstory


A series of self-portraits in paint and prose, this one-of-a-kind achievement chronicles the ongoing hillacious (at times hilarious) struggle of a creative spirit.  It is a tale of abiding optimism in the face of frustration and defeat.  At the same time, it is an earnest quest to help save the planet and heal the world.


Volume One introduces a mother and her sons — weaving the threads of past, present, and future into a humorous yet heart-wrenching tapestry.

From a bittersweet traumatic childhood in Wisconsin through indentured naval service, marriage and parenthood, divorce, poverty and turmoil . . . the author has lost neither wit nor wits, nor sight of her ambitions.  Told in different stages of life and perspectives, this nine-volume book series presents the uplifting undaunted efforts of three talented dreamers to turn despair into hope, misfortune into success.


Trilllogic Entertainment: 

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