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Dance Of The Chupacabras

Dance Of The Chupacabras BookA dark Wonderlandish "oddyssey" that merges and contrasts elements of humor and horror; fantasy, reality, and literary nonsense; legends, myths, and history; Pop, Mexican, and American Culture; wordplay and swordplay. It is a modern legend, a rumpus of revelrous rompery about being lost and choosing the road least traveled . . . the path unknown.

In Tome One of the whimsical epic adventure, a Mexican-American brother duo of folklore dancers and a desert farmer
along with a diverse band of mortals, angels, and ghosts battle supernatural forces to protect an oracle-princess as well as past, present, and future times from an Aztec serpent god's wrath.

What is an Author's Draft?  It is an original concept devised by Lori R. Lopez:  The author's true voice; the author's pure and untampered vision, preserving her idiosyncracies and eccentric stylings!

Descriptive Drivel: Read more about the book.


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Dance Of The Chupacabras by Lori R. Lopez

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