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Out-Of-Mind Experiences: Collection One

Out Of Mind Experiences BookEver heard the expression don't judge a book by its cover? Well, here's one you can. The cover art (by the author) conveys a fine line between "mad" and "madness". This diverse collection merges an array of genres such as humor and horror, science fiction and parable, legend and history, nature and supernatural. Sometimes gripping, often quirky, these tales are always inventive and thought-inducing. Journey through a broad spectrum of fictional adventures from angry cows to psychotic pets, through portals of terror and gateways of myth and fantasy. There is something for everyone within these pages.

What is an Author's Draft?  It is an original concept devised by Lori R. Lopez:  The author's true voice; the author's pure and untampered vision, preserving her idiosyncracies and eccentric stylings!

Discriptive Drivel:  Read more about the book.


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Unleashed: Tail One

The Thirteenth Tale Bonus Story

Unleashed: Tail One on


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Out-Of-Mind Experiences:  Collection One by Lori R. Lopez

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