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A World Of Words: Volume One Samples

The samples below are from a collection of poetry, A World Of Words, that was compiled by Yution Keckith, a historian and poet from The World Of Eath.




A World Of Words
By Keckith (a poet from The World Of Eath)

This world we live upon,
Is made
From layers of words

Words that shape it,
And change
The tides that wash over our world.
By the words,
Spoken and written
Heard and remembered
Our world is crafted
And made into this land
Which we love
And this land
Which we live upon.
'Tis a world of words.

Everything has words,
Lingering upon their lips.
Waiting for the moment
To utter them,
Or to think them.
Our world is talking,
People and creatures
The wind and water
Sky and land.
In each of them
Lies a story made of words.
'Tis a world in words.

The world is full of words.
Floating in the breeze or carried by the currents.
They can all be heard.
They can all be read.
Go now and read them.
The world around us is speaking

Go and listen to it.





By Yenba (a poet from The World Of Eath)

The stars cast their glance
To an unknowing person
A weary wanderer
In need of comfort tonight
He sleeps in the brush of the forest
Leaves that paint the scene
A fine green
Embrace his dreams

The stories of thought
Play out in his drifting mind
For the story of one’s heart
Is always sought in dreams
Stories are
The memories of our life
That linger with us
Whilst we sleep in the painted woods
Stories are
The imagination of our mind
Fulfilling our wishes
Or the dreams we let pass by

Stories are
And always will be
The passion of many
Yet the story of only one
One weary wanderer
Sleeping in the forest’s embrace
For even as we write stories
To relate to others
In truth
Stories relate
Only to those
Who can relate with the author

Thus stories be told
And stories be shared
But the
stories we write
Begin in the hearts of many
With only one
Able to dream them to words


A Moment Of 
By Yenba
(a poet from The Kudaith Empire of Eath)

Writing poetry
Or writing stories
Or merely writing
They all are ways to capture
A moment
A moment of peaceful and serene
A moment of turmoil
A moment of brilliance
Or writing can capture
A moment in the path of time
To make that moment freeze
And the hour stop
Or to describe
A moment
A moment of history
That is performed in front of thee
Or to describe a moment of memory
Writing is strong
‘Tis bold and powerful
And it shall be lingering
Even when we are not
Writing can transport
A moment of
Writing will save that moment
So that you may share its radiance
To the latter people who live


Tides Of Travel
By Twaller 
(a poet from The Caslow Empire of Eath)

My dear companion
I treasure these moments
When I am with thee
To breath the wind
That floats aloft the sky’s saddle
The winds of the world
The tides of travel
The pulse of a vagabond such as I
I say to thee
Be The Suns guide, my friend!
For the light of day shines
Upon lands unnamed
Only the tides of travel
Can bring a true light
Light of knowledge
To the unknown places
Adrift the worlds map-to-be
Only the wave of exploration
The forth-march of the brave
Who seek lands dark to the mind
Yet bright with Sun
Only the tides of travelers
Who seek to name the unnamed
Will bring to light
The lands
That are not yet seen on paper
Thus my companion
I must leave your fine shade
As I am the vanguard of the tide
That washes away the unknown
But I mark your place with my map
As you have given me a fine rest
And one day I should return to thee
Until then
May you feel the wind in thy leaves
And the light of day
Upon thy ever-reaching branches
And for me
I shall walk with the wind.


Our Land Is One
By Hefmok (a poet from The Kudaith Empire of Eath)

The far of Eath
The close land I see
The air through my teeth
The wind beyond thee

Your home on Eath
Far away it seems
Yonder lands above or beneath
Outlasting the distance of all streams

Yet no place is alone
For everywhere
Once upon a time The Sun shone
To make all land fair

No land forsaken
No person solitary
That would be quite mistaken
As no book is alone in a library

Land doth not pause for sea
Nor does it break for borders
‘Tis heedless of the boundaries set by you or me
And never is restricted by anyone’s orders

It marches neath the waves
It carries the borders above
It is where we rest our graves
The final bed of everyone we love

We claim it separated and far
Yet from your home and mine
We gaze toward the same star
We feel the same sunshine

here are no faraway lands
For land afar and nigh
No matter how long the mile spans
Is part of the one home of you and I

Thus you who read these lines
Thou art my neighbor
We look as the same Moon shines
We look as the same stars soar

You live in the same land as I
A world that is large and perhaps misguided
For humans hither and thither be
But our land is one and undivided




A Knight’s Way 
By The Knights Of The Starry Light
(a group from The Ebalom Empire of Eath)

I am a knight
One of courage and valor
I will fight
To regain the peaceful days of yore.

Those days long forsaken
For peace seems so hard to achieve
When we stand in a fen
But I tell you, my man, this pain of war shall one day leave.

I stand tall in the rising Sun
Before this enemy host
My spear is forward and I shan’t run
Yet I be humble and do not boast

I am but one man
A knight I call myself
I am part of no clan
I am not the best warrior on the shelf

What can one man do against a foe so vast?
I may thrust my spear and be assailed by twenty thousand more
No weapon can defeat them, no matter what steel was cast
Inward they will pour

I am a knight of nobility
Pardon me for my bright blade
Which brings death to man’s city
And tears to families whom I raid

Pardon me for all those whom I have slain
For all those who I did not spare
That the green grass their blood does stain
I know those deeds were not fair.

Pardon me for coming here
With death on my sword
When I am the only one who should shed a tear
Not any kind man in this horde

I see no light in this task
How can I call myself a knight
When I slay before I ask?
How do I know that I have done right?

A man such as I
Knows not when the day
Arrives that I lose a battle and die
When extinguished is my honor’s last ray

I am a knight
And if I have no honor in what I do
Then death for me is right
If I cannot become anew

By my sword fell many a man
Who came from a faraway land
They had courage such as I, for none ran
They fought fierce and made their stand.

I do not belittle their lives
‘Tis unjust for me to do so
To keep their family safe is what every man strives
Safely down the river of life they want to row

They all had wives
Children perhaps, and even farms
For my cause I ended their lives
For my cause I did them harm

Fighting for what you believe in
Is not always the righteous way
For you slay your own kin
Is that right? I say

I am a knight
Yet a man nonetheless
I try to find what is right
Before I make a large mess

I am a man like everyone
We are all alike
Under one Sun
Why must anyone strike?

May the stars be my guide
And shine their wisdom upon me
My faults and fiendish acts, may they abide
And look into my heart, honor may they see

For even though my past be troubled
My future path is what matters
For the past I shall not double
My ill deeds shall be left in tatters

When I look into a water so serene
I see a man
Who I can mold and who I can preen
A man whose destiny I can plan

I am a knight
Onward from this moment
A Knight of The Light
Of the town Ebbenron I am resident

I have become a true knight
And yet I still carry a sword
We do not fight
For blest our hearts be, by our lord.

We carry our swords with respect
To all those around
We learn the path that is correct
To honor we are bound

From this moment onward
I know that a knight I have become
Wise words I have heard
That speak to only some

I shan’t stray from my path
For no temptation of immorality
The road before me hath
And those who cannot hold to the oath of honor, I do pity

I am a knight of valor
I stand strongly here
Upon the brink of the world, listening to the sea’s roar
I have found my way, for my ship I steer

I am a Knight of The Light
Light of mind and of heart
Together we hold much might
We can never be broken apart.

Unity is within us all
In knighthood we are
Brave those are who heed the call
For goodwill can see us from afar

Do not fear many a wrong
Do them justice and straighten their roads
Sing them a song
And into something beautiful will turn the toads.


Copyright © 2011 Rafael L. Lopez


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