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Anthologies And Award

It might be April Fool's Day but we're not fooling when we announce that Lori R. Lopez has been whirling like a dervish these days, spinning tales of terror and humor!  Or that she is the winner of the ViNoWriMo 2011 Award from Vicious Writers for her fantasy-horror novel "An Ill Wind Blows", which she wrote in one month for the writing competition.  Print and digital versions of the book will be released in the near future.


Lori also has stories and verse appearing or soon to be published in a variety of anthologies and magazines:  "In Darkness We Play" and " Masters Of Horror:  Damned If You Don't" (Triskaideka Books); "Women Empowerment" E-zine; "Deadication" and "Soup Of Souls" (Panic Press); "Ghosts And Haunts" magazine and an H.P. Lovecraft tribute anthology from Arcanium Axiom; "I Believe In Werewolves" (Netbound Publishing); and "ePocalypse" (Pill Hill Press).

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