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Chocolate-Covered Eyes

Chocolate-Covered Eyes Book CoverLori R. Lopez will tingle your spine while tickling your funny bone in six peculiar tales from two of her story collections: OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES and THE MACABRE MIND OF LORI R. LOPEZ.

Can the living and the undead co-exist in peace? A zombie defender must question his principles when a hunter becomes infected by the zombie plague and threatens the boy's mother in "Heartbeat".

Would the tormented pet of a psycho, after witnessing countless abominations, begin to exhibit disturbing behavior? Find out in "Unleashed".

"Beyond The Stump" is the dark harrowing tale of a young woman who must assume her mother's role of Gatekeeper.

"Nuance" unfolds the humorously poignant Cinderfella tale of a spooky carnival and a misfit who discovers the truth behind his sorry circumstances.

"Bedeviled" reveals a trail of madness featuring a parasitic ear sprite that causes folks to go berserk and the likable loons who try to halt his wacky head trip.

In "Macabre", a young woman confronts her darkest fears in the specter of a decrepit windmill possessed by The Night Frights.

This horror sampler is prefaced by the titular poem "Chocolate-Covered Eyes". Beware of strangers offering candy . . .

What is an Author's Draft?  It is an original concept devised by Lori R. Lopez:  The author's true voice; the author's pure and untampered vision, preserving her idiosyncracies and eccentric stylings!


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