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Fairy Fly Entertainment And More

We have new goodies and more to announce!  First, in case you haven't noticed, we changed our name to Fairy Fly Entertainment from Trilllogic Innoventions on our website's sixth anniversary.  Noel and Rafael created logos for our new mascot, which is based on a character created by Lori.  We just attended our first Children's Book Festival, held in Orange County, then released the illustrated print edition for THE FAIRY FLY by Lori R. Lopez, a dark fantasy novel for ages twelve and up.  We will add some of the artwork to our Wallpaper Downloads soon.  Last but not least, we just launched the first in a series of Author Readings on You Tube.  Be sure to watch Lori read her children's storybook THE MUDPUPPY and enjoy the music by Noel Lopez, along with our new film intro created by Rafael Lopez and scored by Noel.


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