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Sleep Of Fools

Sleep Of Fools CoverAre dreams fact or fiction?  How well do we know what we do as we slumber, when we are most vulnerable?  Can we trust our surroundings to be there once we open our eyes?  Can we rely on the shadows not to spirit us away?  The answers might startle you as the eyelids of possibility are peeled back . . .

Some people are slaves to the clock.  They have no other life apart from their work.  Sometimes they awake to find themselves still laboring in their sleep.  That is the premise of this sci-fi bizarro tale about a town in which two residents become aware they are nightly shuttled to the bottom of their world to sleepwork for a mysterious corporation that literally runs things.  Their lives are the stuff of daydreams and nightmares, of continuous toil, and nothing seems to make sense.

An illustrated print edition is available with artwork by the author!




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