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2007 News


We are launching a section titled Generation-E, containing a bounty of E-sources to help you be a hero and save the world!  Together we can all improve the planet for a new age of humanity and conservation.  Please visit these pages by clicking the green button on the side menu.
Poetry by Lori Lopez has been added.  Visit About Lori Lopez to read it.



We've just added our new website design and will continue working on improvements and features!



A Halloween fable by Lori Lopez has been added as the sample story from the author's new collection THE MACABRE.  Read the free sample story NEXT DOOR by visiting The Inklings Of Lori Lopez in The Trilllogic Library.

Additionally, we are working on our own customized E-book reader, to be the first released free version of Pathway Generation™, being designed by Noel Lopez, along with securing/integrating our online store system.  We will also unveil a new site design and our official logo for Trilllogic Innoventions.  So keep checking back!



More song lyrics by Lori Lopez have been displayed on our Trilllogy3 band page, and a new sample short story by Rafael Lopez (OPON-HUL) added to The Trilllogic Library.



NEVERMORE, the fairytale tribute to Princess Diana, by Lori Lopez is now available as a free sample!  Read the story by visiting The Inklings Of Lori Lopez in The Trilllogic Library.



At present, our E-commerce and registration systems are being customized. We will post news here when we get them up and running.  Please check back in the near future.  For now, you are welcome to explore the site and enjoy the free samples!




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