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2008 News


Check out the new photo gallery of Lori Lopez, when she was lost in Zone Zero.  You can read about that imaginary place in the upcoming release of her novel, DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS.



OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES, Thirteen Tales by Lori R. Lopez, is now available at our CreateSpace E-Store!  The collection will also be available soon on Amazon.com.



You can now check Online Store for details on our first upcoming book release, OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES by Lori Lopez through CreateSpace and Amazon.com!

Our E-commerce system, E-books, and Pathway Generation™ software are still in development.



We just added more than one hundred new listings for Generation-E.  We also inserted a Latest Additions section at the top of Gen-E pages for your convenience.



Coming Soon:  We gathered more Generation-E Sources in honor of Earth Day!  We are also pleased to announce that a softcover edition for OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES by Lori Lopez should be released by the end of next month!  Further details to be announced.



In addition to improving the Generation-E logo, we have added some merchandise (T-shirts and other items) to help spread the word about our E-sources (click Gen-E Merchandise on the left).  You can also subscribe to a newsletter for our site through the merchandise shop.  Happy Earth Day on April 22nd!



Check Noel's Literary Visions in The Trilllogic Library for samples of his poetry.  A poem has been added to the About Rafael Lopez page as well.  You can also see a screenshot preview of our Trilllogic Reader™ containing a sneak-peek for TOME ONE OF THE DANCE TRILOGY by Lori Lopez!  No Foolin', it's for real!  : )



We have made more improvements to our homepage and logo.  We are also making progress with our E-commerce, registration, and first original E-book reader.  We have decided to remove ads except for the Generation-E section of our website, as some of the ads might be useful.  Also, check out our featured items at the left!



The World of Eath literature pages by Rafael Lopez have now been added.  Visit RLL's Shelf of Fantasy in The Trilllogic Library.



We have decided to temporarily try becoming an ad-sponsored site until our E-Commerce system and Pathway Innoventor™ software, which includes our E-book reader, are completed and established.  We hope this will be in the near future.



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