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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

We're back!  With the migration to our new content management system underway, we are introducing many exciting features and content.  You can now sign up with us to write comments and participate in our forum, take user polls, and receive the latest in Trilllogic Innoventions news.  Take a look around our site and be sure to check The Trilllogic Library where we have created an article section, begun a variety of columns, and posted more creative writing.

Along with all of these additions, our computer-wizard Noel has started a tech support reference with available online assistance.  So if you are in technology trouble or just have a question, count on him to do his magic.

Also, in honor of Earth Month (April), a bonus sample story from OUT-OF-MIND EXPERIENCES -- "The Thirteenth Tale", a humorous eco-fantasy -- can be viewed at Trilllogic Library.


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