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Noel Lopez
Noel Lopez


Music is my specialty, my passion and my favorite thing.  I am a member of our family band, Fairyfly.  I compose music, write songs, sing and play Piano/Keyboard.  I am Fairy Fly Entertainment's sound engineer and handle mixing, processing and recording of music and audio. 


I compose the music for our author readings on YouTube, I drew the Fairy Fly for our company logo, and I am also an author, poet, actor, and artist.  

Fairy Fly Entertainment Logo


I also like to draw Disney Fan Art.

Fan Art - Elsa (Work In Progress)


My favorite song is "Let It Go," from my favorite movie, Frozen.  I've never connected stronger and more emotionally to any song or movie before.  My two favorite singers are Sara Bareilles and Idina Menzel.


I'm Vegan (since 2012), and I also eat a whole food plant-based diet, thanks to endurance athlete Rich Roll and Dr. Michael Greger.  I highly recommend Dr. Greger's non-profit website, NutritionFacts.org, and his book, "How Not To Die."  If you're interested, you can learn more on our Vegan Resources page.


I also practice yoga, which I learned from Esther Ekhart's YouTube Channel.



I taught myself the C programming language in high school for my science projects.  I later used that skill to easily learn scripting languages to manage the Drupal Content Management System for our website and write any custom PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript our company needs.  I also use Bash scripting for Debian GNU/Linux, a free open-source operating system and software distribution that I run on my computer and the local network server for Fairy Fly Entertainment.


I grew up composing stories, poems and songs, drawing, winning student writing contests, as well as performing Mexican ballet folkloric dance with groups and as a brother duo on stages and television.

I entered original electromagnetic motor designs in the science fair during 9th Grade and won the sweepstakes award along with various other category and professional honors.  I won First Place at the California State Science and Engineering Fair the same year and went on to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to receive a professional award from IEEE.  I worked during the next three years of high school on improving electrostatic motors.  I learned C programming to provide a design interface and to operate my own version of a Computer-Numeric-Controlled (CNC) cutting device that I developed and built to produce more precise parts for my motors.  In 12th Grade I received ten regional awards, as in 9th Grade.  I also received Second Place to a National Science Fair Award by the International Chapter of AFCEA, as well as several regional awards in 11th, and a First Place award all three years in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair to compete at the State Fair.



Fairyfly Band


Noel's Poetry

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