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Pathway Virtual Universe
Pathway IconThe first software release of Pathway Virtual Universe™ will be as a preliminary version as our E-book reader to display our free and for-sale E-books.  Here is a sample screenshot that contains a sneak-peek for Tome One of The Dance Trilogy by Lori Lopez.

E-book Reader Preview

Pathway VU is a 3-D CAD-based computer program in development.

Pathway Nexus Preview

Pathway VU will be a powerful yet affordable program.  It is "CAD-based" because it will have various features that extend beyond Computer-Aided-Design.  Plans for its features include the following:
  • Custom file format supporting 3-D CAD/CAM with points, lines, surfaces, curves, solids and other shapes, and import/export into G-code format for CNC machines
  • Merge and split any points for seamless linking of shapes; group and transform geometry through translation, rotation, and scaling
  • Shapes and objects are as easy to edit as they are to create
  • 3-D CG Graphics features with lighting, texture, color blending and transparency support
  • 2-D design with bitmap creation and editing features useful for web styles, icon, and logo creation
  • Versatile Rich Text Format/Text Editor for any kind of writing, such as literary/business documents or computer/web programming
  • We anticipate using these features to help us with our site and creative works!


Additional features we're hoping to add to Pathway VU:

  • CSG - Constructive Solid Geometry
  • Musical Editing support through MIDI, wave file, and notation editing with a random note generator to help learn musical notation (Music is one of our interests!  See our Trilllogy3 Band Page.)
  • Circuit design support with G-code creation for CNC engraving and drilling of circuit boards
  • Font creation and editing system
  • Custom animations
  • Circuit/Physics Simulator
  • Video Editor supporting integrated animated graphics
Musical Notation Preview From Pathway Nexus

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