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The Fairy Fly By Lori R. LopezOdds And Ends By Lori R. LopezPoetic Reflections:  Keep The Heart Of A Child by Lori R. LopezThe Queen Of Hats By Lori R. LopezThe Macabre Mind Of Lori R. LopezA World Of Words:  Volume One by Rafael L. LopezAn Ill Wind Blows by Lori R. LopezThe Dark Mister Snark By Lori R. LopezChocolate-Covered Eyes by Lori R. Lopez
Dance Of The Chupacabras by Lori R. LopezOut-Of-Mind Experiences:  Collection One by Lori R. LopezThe Mudpuppy By Lori R. LopezThe Fox Trot By Lori R. LopezLeery Lane By Lori R. LopezOddzilla By Lori R. LopezThe Language Of Life By Rafael LopezDarkverse:  The Shadow Hours By Lori R. Lopez
Stories Available For Sale Individually
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Bad Mood by Lori R. LopezFossil by Lori R. Lopez
Heartbeat by Lori R. LopezHorrendus by Lori R. LopezJugular by Lori R. LopezMacabre by Lori R. LopezNext Door by Lori R. LopezNuance by Lori R. LopezSome Thing by Lori R. LopezThe Lycaning by Lori R. LopezThe Wraith by Lori R. LopezUnleashed by Lori R. LopezUnnatural by Lori R. LopezMonstrosities by Lori R. LopezCreep by Lori R. LopezBeyond The Stump by Lori R. LopezCereal Box Surprise by Lori R. LopezBloodpath by Lori R. LopezBedeviled by Lori R. Lopez 
Jar Baby Cover
The Fruit Of Thy Womb by Lori R. Lopez3-Z CoverSleep Of Fools By Lori R. LopezSpooked By Lori R. LopezSamhain By Lori R. LopezOpon-Hul By Rafael L. LopezEre The Dark Dirt By Rafael L. LopezBeauty By Lori R. LopezSpider Soup By Lori R. LopezTides Of Chaos By Lori R. Lopez
What is an Author's Draft?  It is an original concept devised by Lori R. Lopez.  Much like a Director's Cut in film, it is the author's true voice, the author's pure and untampered vision!



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