city of angels

by Lori R. Lopez

Halfway to the city of angels

I may have lost my mind

I think it fell out the window of the car

When we hit a bump on the freeway

There were many such bumps in the road

It could have been any one of them

Now it’s lying beside the freeway

Coated in grit and gunk

A forlorn-looking lump

Of gray and pink matter

If you see it, please brush it off

The best you can . . .  I will be waiting

In Los Angeles, mindlessly wandering

Around — visiting the homes of

Fallen stars who toppled from the sky

Much the same as when I lost my brain

I will staple flyers to telephone poles

And other random assorted objects

In hopes my Abby Normal

Will one day be returned

In the meantime, you can find me

Wading through La Brea Tar Pits

In search of fossilized shoes

Or tossing the pennies for my thoughts

Into fountains and wishing wells

That have more sense

Than my current condition

It is such trying circumstances as these

Which truly test our reflexes, our balance

Better than the inkblot flashcards

Overused by headshrinks

My answers are usually monsters

And aliens, for some reason

Perhaps now I will see angels

Having lost my mind along the way

To Hollywood Boulevard

Where you can walk on stars

Many of them famous, others inexplicable

Even with a brain it would be difficult

To decipher their presence

When there are some legends

Shining luminaries of the highest order

Ignored by Tinsel Town’s honor system

Neither starred nor cemented

Probably not awarded an Oscar

Or even nominated due to a dramatic

Oversight, but that is how it goes

With authors too

Unpublished by publishers

Unread by readers

Unnominated by the most common denominators

If you’re reading this, you must be an angel

I’ve been to your city

More times than you could believe

I can’t remember why I was going there again

Memory went out the window as well

Yet I hold fast to the firm conviction

That I am someone

Although not someone with a star

Not yet anyway

But I’ll keep looking for mine

In the night sky

In the letters that spell HOLLYWOOD

Upon a lofty City Of Angels hill

Where frayed sentinels stand guard

To keep out the riffraff

Or welcome the dreamers

Perhaps not being famous

Is all in my mind

Wherever that may be.