by Yenba (a poet from The World Of Eath)

The stars cast their glance

To an unknowing person

A weary wanderer

In need of comfort tonight

He sleeps in the brush of the forest

Leaves that paint the scene

A fine green

Embrace his dreams


The stories of thought

Play out in his drifting mind

For the story of one’s heart

Is always sought in dreams

Stories are

The memories of our life

That linger with us

Whilst we sleep in the painted woods

Stories are

The imagination of our mind

Fulfilling our wishes

Or the dreams we let pass by


Stories are

And always will be

The passion of many

Yet the story of only one

One weary wanderer

Sleeping in the forest’s embrace

For even as we write stories

To relate to others

In truth

Stories relate

Only to those

Who can relate with the author


Thus stories be told

And stories be shared

But the stories we write

Begin in the hearts of many

With only one

Able to dream them to words