Tides Of Travel

by Twaller (a poet from The World Of Eath)

My dear companion

I treasure these moments

When I am with thee


To breathe the wind

That floats aloft the sky’s saddle

The winds of the world

The tides of travel

The pulse of a vagabond such as I

I say to thee

Be the Sun’s guide, my friend!

For the light of day shines

Upon lands unnamed

Only the tides of travel

Can bring a true light

Light of knowledge

To the unknown places

Adrift the world’s map-to-be

Only the wave of exploration

The forth-march of the brave

Who seek lands dark to the mind

Yet bright with Sun

Only the tides of travelers

Who seek to name the unnamed

Will bring to light

The lands

That are not yet seen on paper

Thus, my companion

I must leave your fine shade

As I am the vanguard of the tide

That washes away the unknown

But I mark your place with my map

As you have given me a fine rest

And one day I should return to thee

Until then

May you feel the wind in thy leaves

And the light of day

Upon thy ever-reaching branches

And for me

I shall walk with the wind.