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List Of Favorite Television Series Theme Songs


What fans tend to recall most fondly and vividly about a television show will be the song that introduces each episode. These tunes can withstand decades imbedded in our psyche, becoming part of who we are. They can immediately stir affection and recollection, bring to mind our perception of a particular series by embodying the aspect of the characters and setting. Everyone has their favorites. This is our list of treasured memories.

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List Of Favorite Movie Theme Songs

The heart and soul of a movie can best be conveyed by the theme music chosen as a symbol of the film. In some cases more than one song is strongly associated with that title. Music is such a powerful force, especially when combined with cinema. The first movies relied heavily on music to communicate atmosphere, mood, emotion. We feel this is still quite true today. Therefore, we present a list of our most beloved movie themes.

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Entertainment Is Essential

Between global economic woes and a planetary crisis, it might seem trivial or silly to fret over entertainment issues.  Who can think of movies, books, and T.V. at a time like this?  Perhaps merely fringe elements of society such as myself who tend to obsess about aesthetics and values — qualities which distinguish us from the common caveman.  I mean, sure, they had their art.  But you have to admit, the style was a tad primitive . . .

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