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Age Range:  All ages

Formats:  Paperback

Approx. Length:  1,297 Words, 56 Pages

Interior:  Color

Dimensions:  8.5″ x 11″

Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781489527332

A girl brings her dog to play with a wild fox.  This poignant children’s book is also a memory from the storyteller’s own childhood.  It was written and illustrated many years before being dusted off and published with the author’s very first finished tale, The Mudpuppy.

Lori R. Lopez is the author of various print and E-book titles primarily for ages twelve through adult, often humorous fantasy and horror stories.  This bittersweet book, one of her early works, presents an animal tale for all ages . . . as well as one of her fondest recollections from when she was growing up.



An orange face appeared between dense clumps of undergrowth. A sharp nose sniffed for danger.

~ from The Fox Trot

“This is where I found a baby mole,” the girl said, breaking the stillness.  It had been trembling, fuzzy and weak-sighted; she cupped the tiny critter in her hands, sheltering it from a blustery chill.

~ from The Fox Trot

Wind stirred a mound of gold and crimson leaves, which rose to dance a brittle ballet across a lonely wooded sidewalk.

Pale locks swept to one side, a boy meandered along the concrete path as it curved through autumn brushstrokes of painted trees. He paused to zip his jacket against the harsh bite of the air, setting schoolbooks and a paper sack on the pavement. Metal teeth rasped. Leaves skittered and scraped.

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