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The Strange Tail Of Oddzilla

Oddzilla By Lori R. LopezThis is a story about being Odd.  A monster named Oddzilla, to be precise, who dreams of being normal.  Even worse, he crawled from a pot of Anything Soup.  It’s his first day of being monstrous, and he has been rejected both by people and the other monsters.  He converses with the Moon and a Library, who further reject him.  While trying to find his place in the world, he gets kicked out of Welcome for being too weird.  Then things really get odd!

A gang of pirates nab Oddzilla for their traveling Monster Carnival.  He thought he had problems, but that’s where his troubles truly begin . . . with the evil Captain Snydely Wick and Morris Crudd, as well as his fellow oddballs and oddities who compete to be the oddest.  Until he meets his Number One Fan.

Lori R. Lopez — author of THE DARK MISTER SNARK, THE FAIRY FLY, AN ILL WIND BLOWS and more — has created a classic of wordplay and wit for all ages.  THE STRANGE TAIL OF ODDZILLA presents an absurdly whimsical fable bursting with cleverness and nonsense and puns.  In fact, the main character is practically a pun, isn’t he?  There probably isn’t a sensible word in it.

Look for an Illustrated Print Edition with very unusual artwork by the author!






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