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Age Range:  12 and up

Formats:  E-Book, Paperback

Approx. Length:  10,742 Words, 90 Pages

Interior: Black & White

Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781523605798

A man and woman meet online while the world around them is falling apart.  Where are the creatures from that have invaded their planet?  What do they want?  These questions and more must be answered if the human race is to survive this doomsday scenario.

Authors Blaze McRob and Lori R. Lopez join forces to present an unusual tale of an apocalypse that has devastated society.  Ed and Elvie managed to connect in a world gone mad.  They give each other hope and support from a thousand miles apart.  Will it be enough to save them?  Read their frantic messages as they attempt to make sense of the situation in this novelette-length fiction from two accomplished horror authors.

The story was actually written by exchanging E-mails like the characters, without knowing what might come next.

Look for an illustrated print edition featuring artwork by Lori R. Lopez.

(Contains brief mild to moderate language.)



I’m not always that brave. Most of the time I’m anxious. I often hug myself and tremble with fear. Sometimes I cry, afraid for the future. Everything’s so uncertain, so precarious. First we heard the ice caps were melting and the ocean changing. Then the economy went amuck, with so many people losing their jobs, their homes in The Great Recession. Things haven’t been right since. My God, Ed, is there such a thing as security anymore?

~ from Tides Of Chaos

From: Ed lostrunner@chainmail.net

To: Elvinia Murdoch beautyqueen13@chainmail.net

Date: Sat, Jan 1, 2029 at 12:01 AM

Subject: What The . . .


I am keeping low, away from the window, for fear of being seen. These creatures . . . these damnable abominations of life as we know it are everywhere. Cheyenne is a virtual battleground. There are so many of them. Where do they come from? What exactly are they?

Yesterday, I was out on the streets trying to find food in any store that still had something left. The shelves almost everywhere are empty. It doesn’t matter if the store is large or a Mom and Pop place. Empty. No milk, soda, bread. Canned goods are here and there, probably dropped by people escaping from these hideous creatures. But little else can be found. Thank God, if there is a God, and I really have to wonder anymore, I have a can opener. Most things I eat cold. We still have power in town, but I don’t know if these monsters are aware of it or not. I don’t want to risk alerting them to my presence if they can detect the power from microwaves.


(From the Illustrated Print Edition.)


“Quick, fun read!

Great short! Loved how story was told through emails by each author. Really enjoyed end of days theme.”

Amazon Review

About The Authors & Artist

Blaze McRob writes from deep within his soul.  While many people ask him if he could write lighter tomes, he chooses not to, wishing instead to release his inner demons.  He has written many novels over the years, penned under other writers’ names.  He chooses to come out now and play as Blaze.  While novels are his true love, he is enjoying writing short stories and even some poetry.  Yes, his poems also reflect sadness.  Some things don’t change . . .

A few of his titles are Mists Of Papoose Pond (a horror-adventure novel); Silver Hells (a short-story holiday horror collection written with Terri DelCampo); Blood Spatter (a collection of Halloween short horror stories written with Terri DelCampo).  Additional horror novels released include Ghost No More, Quarter Moon Haunts, ’68 Buick, and Wolf Whispers.

Learn more about Blaze McRob.

Lori R. Lopez prefers to be mysterious and not divulge too much information about herself.  That can be difficult when she is writing an entire book series about her life, along with her various fictional pursuits:  long and short tales of Horror, Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fable, Verse and more . . . including titles such as The Dark Mister Snark, The Fairy Fly, An Ill Wind Blows, Odds And Ends, Chocolate-Covered Eyes, Poetic Reflections:  The Queen Of Hats, and Dance Of The Chupacabras.  Her life, in fact, is not just an open book — it is a number of open books!  Alas, her wish to remain anonymous (but not to be confused with the other Anony-mouses out there) cannot be realized so long as she persists at chronicling in great detail the events that befall her.  Nonetheless, should you ever by chance meet this clandestine author, it would be terribly considerate to pretend you know nothing about her; not even this much, which is really very little at all.

Learn more about Lori R. Lopez.

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