Poetic Reflections: unstructured

i waited all month for this column to zap me with a bolt of inspiration as they’re apt to do until i had nearly despaired with three days left in june . . .

Poetic Reflections: thirteen

So here I am, having been struck over the head by Inspiration (as well as encouraged by a fellow author and friend named Lynn Tolson), which suddenly compelled me to . . .

Poetic Reflections: treedom

This is my twelfth and final poetry column. I shall miss these monthly maunderings. But will my voice be missed? It seems I have developed such a small and furtive following . . .

Poetic Reflections: bewary very

So what is there to be very wary of? I’ll tell you. Come closer so I can whisper it: “Everything.” That’s right, you heard me. Everything! Not that I’m paranoid.

Poetic Reflections: m’friend

I’m writing this poem on the birthday of a friend. She knows who she is so I don’t have to pretend. It’s one of those things that you can’t say enough . . .

Poetic Reflections: trust

There are lighter topics I could choose, yet I find myself able only to speak from the heart. A heart that beats too loud, too strong, too fast at times.

Poetic Reflections: bon-mottery

I have managed to avoid most addictions along my journey, yet I must confess here and now that I am hopelessly — helplessly — haplessly (take your pick) passionate about words.

Poetic Reflections: preposterosities

The mood strikes to write in a peculiar manner. To speak of that which cannot be described except by the bizarrest-meaning terms. To stretch vernaculars like putty, craft the craftiest . . .

Poetic Reflections: hallowing

Did I spell it wrong, as in "Halloween"? Or "Hollowing", as to carve a pumpkin's snaggled grin? Let me rub my chin and contemplate. Nay, I think the word should be this way.

Poetic Reflections: existentialism

Well, what about it? you might ask. I'm getting to that; hang onto your berets! Oh yes, I’m the poet. Hang onto your chins then . . . Philosophically, "Existentialism" relates to free will.

Poetic Reflections: punderances

Like the question about a tree falling in the forest, I wanted to see if I failed to post this monthly column whether it would be missed.

Poetic Reflections: nonsense and stuff

'Tis another month and I must keep the promise to myself of writing a new poem. Why did I get myself into this? I have absolutely no idea what to express.

Poetic Reflections: ode to a poem

No matter what anyone may say, it is our belief that Poetry is not dead. We are a family of poets, and we contend that the world will always need more verse . . .