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2015 Local Authors Exhibit San Diego Central Library 1


Lori, Noel and Rafael Lopez attending the January 2015 Local Authors Exhibit gala at the San Diego Central Library to honor regional writers for publishing a book in 2014.

New Book, Awards & Videos!

Happy New Year!  We've been busy and have a lot of news to share as 2015 picks up steam.  There is a new book out, a horror collection called ODDS AND ENDS:  A DARK COLLECTION by Lori R. Lopez, available in E-book and an illustrated print edition.  Don't read it in the dark.  Turn on the lights.  We also have some new awards to mention!  Rafael L.

Odds And Ends: A Dark Collection

Odds And Ends CoverWhat terrors lurk in the blackest regions of a cellar, amidst dusty cobwebbed shelves, in the glass jars and metal cans of a hopelessly abnormal mind?  These odds and ends are both odd and contain endings.  As in the real world, not everything ends well.  Sometimes it is all about finding a glimmer of light in the shadows, or being forewarned.  Sometimes, the candle’s flame blows out!

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The Famous Reclusive Hat Model: The Queen Of Hats Book Trailer

Fairy Fly Entertainment presents a very different book trailer for the collection POETIC REFLECTIONS:  THE QUEEN OF HATS by Lori R. Lopez.  This funny mock interview of a "famous hat model" (played by Lori R. Lopez) was filmed as an improv piece in a continuous shot and single take, but the beginning has been edited for length.  The interviewer and cameraman are played by Noel Lopez and Rafael Lopez.



The Fairy Fly Author Reading

Fairy Fly Entertainment presents author-illustrator Lori R. Lopez reading Chapter Fourteen from her humorous fantasy-horror novel THE FAIRY FLY, for ages twelve through adult.  The award-winning book describes the evil plot of a Black Widow queen and the journey of a spunky little spider who must find his way home through a strange land of giants.


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