Edgar Allan And Poe From The Dark Mister Snark

Edgar, Allan & Poe

Family of Crows and Ravens. Best Friends of Mister Snark, sharing snarkiness in common.

The Wicked Ones From The Dark Mister Snark

The Wicked Ones

A diabolic duo who sideline as burglars, running a nefarious clothing shop.

The Fairy Fly Character from The Fairy Fly

The Fairy Fly

Wise, mysterious and rarely seen.

Spider Character


Spunky little Jumping Spider.

Gnat Character from The Fairy Fly


Spider’s annoying Pest Friend.

Lucy And Ethel Character Headshot

Lucy & Ethel

Sisters who like to weave messages in their webs and quibble.

The Gypsy Moth from The Fairy Fly

The Gypsy Moth

An insect with many opinions, whether Politically Correct or not.

Dustbunny from The Fairy Fly


Soft and friendly, even though she’s composed of many insulting and rhyming Merry Mites.

Queen Mave From The Fairy Fly

Queen Mave

Cunning Black Widow, plotting her dominion over all things that are not her.

Oddzilla Character


Soup Monster.


Fan of Monsters and Halloween. Best Friend of Oddzilla.

Captain Snydely Wick From The Strange Tail Of Oddzilla

Captain Snydely Wick

Ringleader of the Monster Circus, traveling in a ship on wheels.

Morris Crudd From The Strange Tail Of Oddzilla

Morris Crudd

First Mate and Carnival Barker. The trusty sidekick of Captain Wick.

Meezly From An Ill Wind Blows


Swept into a Stormworld, in search of her lost parents. Some think she’s crazy, but she’s really just a bundle of nerves.

The Dragon From An Ill Wind Blows

Girdruff The Dragon

Terrorizing a kingdom in a Stormworld. Afraid of no man. Grumpy. Lives in forest of Dragon Trees.

The Gravedigger From An Ill Wind Blows

The Gravedigger

Hunched fellow of many names, or at least more than one. Caretaker and Cryptkeeper of a Stormworld Mausoleum.

The Witch From The Witchhunt

The Witch

Adeline Gruelsby, Addy for short. Stirring a cauldron of trouble for any who cross her path. Always on the lookout for fresh ingredients.

Frieda From Leery Lane

Frieda Noff

In search of answers to patch her relationship with her older sister on Halloween.

The Boggle

A Sprite by any other name. Lives on Leery Lane. Merry, mad, and mischievous.

The Judge From Leery Lane

The Judge

Terrible in life and death. Maintaining dis-order on Leery Lane.

The Banker

Chief underling of Judge Morpheus. Not always a pumpkin!

The Masked Kids From Leery Lane

The Masked Kids

Pranksters who love to play. Orphaned Trick-Or-Treaters dwelling in a crumbling Victorian on Leery Lane.

Dead Lady From Leery Lane

Dead Lady

Pioneer of the land that would become Leery Lane. Standing her ground against corrupt souls.

Hortense From Odds And Ends


Girl with issues, who might do the right thing if not for the manipulations of a cruel Jack-In-The-Box. From the short story “Odds And Ends”.

Jack From Odds And Ends


Wicked Harlequin who orchestrates mayhem in the short story “Odds And Ends”.

Alice From Sleep Of Fools


Comic-Book Fan. Not so much of mummies and babies running amuk in a museum. From the short story “Jar Baby”.

Jar Baby From Jar Baby

Jar Baby

Antonius, a long-kept secret in Hadrian’s Jar . . . until the truth is spilled.

Ziggy Boyle From Odds And Ends

Ziggy Boyle

Guy who started a Fruit Fly Apocalypse by littering. Wandered from home at an early age. From short story “The Fruit Of Thy Womb”.

Geewhillikers From Odds And Ends


A creepy critter from a purple box. “Don’t” open it!

Old Woman From The Witchhunt

Old Woman

A mysterious resident facing eviction, the latest in a long series of Witchhunts.

Queen Of Hats From The Queen Of Hats Book

The Queen Of Hats

Dwelling in an oddly-shaped house on a hill. She’s a Good Witch who always has room for more hats.

Kitty Hawk From The Queen Of Hats

Kitty Hawk

Blue and curious cat who moves herself into the clocktower of a lunatic. From the poem “The Mad Hatter”.

The Gracken From The Queen Of Hats Book

The Gracken

Conjured by six Grackles on a limb from their vicious gossip.

The Monstrel From The Queen Of Hats Book

The Monstrel

A nasty fellow who stalks the streets to rob and ruin.

Zinfandel From The Queen Of Hats Book


Homeless bunny taken in by “The Monstrel” as his accomplice.

Mary Shelley From Blood On The Moon

Mary Shelley

A favorite author of Lori R. Lopez — admired, honored and included in her poetry, prose and art. Featured in “Horror She Wrote”.

The Writer From Blood On The Moon

The Writer

Author of horrors, scribbling in a dim corner of a dungeon keep. From the poem “Clan Destiny”.

Marcus Morbidee From Blood On The Moon

Marcus Morbidee

A very macabre and morbid minister who roams the night. From the poem “Trickle”.

Alina Floricea From Blood On The Moon

Alina Floricea

Always ready to greet the train’s “Unscheduled Stops” in Transylvania.

The Grimalkin From Blood On The Moon

The Grimalkin

Also known as Twinklenose. The pet of a Witch and her son. Inhabited by a wicked spirit named Guldagon.

Nocturnity From Blood On The Moon


Found in the Twilight hours at random parks with an entourage of flies.

Chrono From Sleep Of Fools

Will Chrono

Average cog-in-the-machine fellow, bored at a pointless job, until the day he wakes up from the “Sleep Of Fools”.

Patience Jewel

A rebel who wants more from life than rules and routine.

The Shadow Man From Sleep Of Fools

The Shadow Man

Stickler for rules and order. Maintainer of the workflow. Rigid to the point of malicious.

Chupacabras From Dance Of The Chupacabras

El Chupacabras

A mutant horror conjured by an Aztec Feathered-Snake God and Mayan Bat God to do their bidding. Likes to dance.

Lupita From Dance Of The Chupacabras


Small and alone. Kidnapped by a monster from her loving parents in Baja California.

Charles From The Macabre Mind Of Lori R. Lopez


Both man and beast due to a lab experiment gone awry. From the short story “The Lycaning”.

Darius Exavier

Carnival Thin Man down on his luck till he’s picked up along the road by a scientist of the “Unnatural”.

Bone Man From The Macabre Mind Of Lori R. Lopez

Bone Man

A “Fossil” out of place in the modern world who cannot control his appetite.

Horrendus From The Macabre Mind Of Lori R. Lopez


Heartless Ogre born on Halloween who torments a village every hundred years demanding sacrifice.


An ear devil influencing generations into acts against their will, called Natubi by villagers in Africa.

Midnight From Unleashed


Tuxedo-Cat out for revenge against those who wrong her. From the short story “Unleashed”.