• Recommended Age Range:  10 and up
  • Formats:  E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover
  • Approx. Length:  31,944 Words, 244 Pages
  • Volume 1 of the Collected Poetry Of Eath series.
  • Interior: Black & White
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
  • Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781644750087
  • Hardcover Dust Jacket ISBN: 9781644750094

A World Of Words is a unique collection of verse penned by a broad range of poets who do not exist, except in the mind and imagination of Rafael Lopez, creator of a world called Eath.

That mystical realm will be richly detailed in both poetry and prose, but with this volume the author presents a stunning glimpse through the majesty of his words.  A world of words.  Deep and contemplative, this debut collection of poetic jewels will convey you to a serene place within . . . a place you will wish to visit again and again. ~ Lori R. Lopez, author of An Ill Wind Blows and Dance Of The Chupacabras.

Won First Place for Poetry from Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2014.


“This world we live upon,
In made
From layers of words.”

Writing is strong

’Tis bold and powerful

And it shall be lingering

Even when we are not

~ from A Moment Of by Yenba

There is hope in the words we write

That maybe they are not a delusion

But a strong and bright light

Showing us a vision

Of wishes to come true.

~ from Words To Dream By by Yenba

A Moment Of

by Yenba


Writing poetry

Or writing stories

Or merely writing

They all are ways to capture

A moment

A moment of peaceful and serene


A moment of turmoil

A moment of brilliance

Or writing can capture

A moment in the path of time

To make that moment freeze

And the hour stop

Or to describe

A moment

A moment of history

That is performed in front of thee

Or to describe a moment of memory

The Poetry

A Moment Of

Our Words

Words Imperishable

Our Land Is One

A Winter’s Meadow

Tranquil Plains

A Flower

A Flower II

Silence Comes

A Rise Of Gold


A String Of Sunshine

My Hero

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

A Sunset’s Song

The Sky Is A Meadow


Watching Water

Fly Gulgin, Fly Aloft

A Bird’s Breeze


Never-Lasting Scents

The Whisperings Of The World

Tree Tales



Along The Sky

Shadows Of Treagen

Tides Of Travel

To Kindle Love

A Night I Love

Where I Sleep

Find Yonder Sea

On A Particular Day

A Daisy


The Way To Quel-Bion

Veins Of Nature

Long Shall Run The Streams

The Grand Lake


The Valley Fen

The Passing Time

Silver Mines (A Miner’s Song)

Silver Beauty

A Flower’s Song


A Rose

A World’s Song

Starlight’s Home


The Fragrance Of A Flower

Strong Heart

The Comb

Somewhere Yonder

My Hands


Painted Plumes

The Solemn Stone

Why So Glum?

Friendly Clouds

And The Sky Fills With Applause

There Was

My Old Tree

A Sea Of Separation

Of A Man I Know


A Knight’s Creed

Good Shall Always Stand Powerful

Enchantment On The Stone Of Twaller

The Flag Of Roli

Thou Art Mine

The Calling

Daith’s Call

This Knight

Wars Of Words


Where The Sun Shines

Below Are The Strong

Cold Be My Hand, But Not My Heart

To Be


The King’s Will

The Week

Art’s Adversary

The Flag Endures

Fifteen Thousand Fallen

River Wishes

Discovering Muchil

Death By The Creek

The War-Star

The Battle Scars

A Knight’s Way

A New World

Many A Choice

Hope’s Messenger

The Tragic


After The End


Mid-day’s Drift

Under The Sun Of Little River

Floating Goodbye

Words To Dream By

A World Of Words

The Poets

Yution Keckith


Hefmok Krilldin

Delnia Watterboo

Axumno Halbodin

Alindra Jelnigh

Turnkine Midrift

Banataka Esstiol

Roli Varenwold

Hanupas Mendrovin

Thivy Thivor

Twaller Ningold

Arpot Jelnigh

Fraith Illumnia

Frola Vontil

Tei Renvier

Calsak Rizin

The Knights Of The Starry Light

Hildune Yakeer

Rath Mestin

Guviz Kothin



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Honors & Praise

First Place for Poetry from Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2014
First Place for Poetry from Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2014

“After reading 'A World Of Words', one word comes to mind – Brilliant!
This is like no other poetry book I've read. Rafael takes you on a wondrous journey into his imagination, a spectacular place, to say the least.”

“In A World of Words, author Rafael L. Lopez seeks to introduce us to a myriad of poets who speak on the topic of writing, creating universes with a pen, and more. Over two hundred pages of poetry to sink your teeth into. Perfect for both readers and writers to enjoy.

This is a unique collection. All of the poets featured are imaginary. Rafael L. Lopez has created them for A World of Words, and this is a brilliant move. Why? Because he can explore varying poetry styles and topics as different fake authors. Plus, there are bios at the end of the collection for each poet, which becomes a sort of enjoyable novel at the end. So you get some well written poetry AND some flash fiction. It's a two for one . . .

Points must be awarded . . . for the creativity of creating his own year system and own locations in the bios. In talking about creating a world with words, Rafael L. Lopez really does create a world. It's like a class in writing with working examples strewn throughout. A reader could sit down and enjoy the collection for the good poetry it is. And a writer could sit down and enjoy the collection for the informational lesson it is.”

Reviewed by Samantha Coville for Readers’ Favorite

“After reading 'A World Of Words', one word comes to mind – Brilliant!

This is like no other poetry book I've read. Rafael takes you on a wondrous journey into his imagination, a spectacular place, to say the least. He paints a picture of a world that rivals the ones depicted in J.R.R.Tolkiens masterpieces, The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Please do not misunderstand what I mean, it is not a knock off, but equal in lustrous mystical quality. His descriptive writing is superb. His charater's are well versed, orignal and interesting. I highly recommend Rafael Lopez's book of poetry 'A World Of Words'. It's worth every second of your time. Also a must read by Rafael are, 'OPON-HUL' and 'Ere The Dark Dirt', from the LASTENBERG tales. Rafael is a briliant young man and author.”

Quinn Cullen
Amazon Review

“Rafael L. Lopez brings us a work of poetry that is a first class conceptual piece . . .

Where to begin? Rafael has created a world that does not exist (maybe). On this planet or dimension, there are poets who write in much the same manner as they do on Earth. We write about people, nature, emotions, youth, aged, and every earthly topic a creative writer can approach with words. Well, the poets of the world called Eath write about their planet in much the same way. What we have here is a book of poetry from Eath. I won’t give you all the names of the poets (Yenba, Alindra, for instance) who contribute to this volume. It is high-concept realized for the reader. Rafael is lost in this work. He needn’t have put his name to the book; it serves only to underscore that it is high-concept. I think of Sherlock Holmes’ adventures being captured and written by Dr. John H. Watson, as if Holmes were real, (which to many fans he is). Many readers will share a similar experience with A WORLD OF WORDS . . .

Common to the poems, the word Sun is always capitalized, denoting the importance the solar sphere plays to the Eathlings. Nature is addressed and its peculiarities to the Earth’s nature are empathetic. For instance, Eath has seas, mountains, valleys, clouds, etc, but in true conceptual form, there are “water-winds” as opposed to our “desert winds” per se. The Eathlings seem like natural born Romantics, adoring Nature and spiritualizing it. (Remember: for the Romantics, “nature” was the wardrobe of God). Thus we have a temporal view of nature on Eath; the flowers, for instance, “blow” off a scent but once, called a “silent whispering”, leaving only the memory of it as the scent quickly “goes”. We see the world through the eyes of the poetry just as we see the world of the Renaissance or the Middle Ages through their poetry. But in the later case, they are real poets who lived back then; in the former, they are imagined poets. However, we still see a real world from these Eathling poets, as real as historical worlds of the past on Earth that we can only imagine through the words of the real poets, but maybe that's the point, that "a world of words" is merely imagination realized for the reader. That's quite a feat for any author, real or not . . .

It is best simply to be swept over by the poems and to visit Eath for yourself. That is the best review I can give this astonishing conceptual work of other-worldliness.”

Anthony Servante

“Clicking into the page of the first poem of this unique, genuine collection felt like going through the lonely wardrobe into another world, a Fantasia through the never ending story. Alright, I admit I get carried away a lot when it gets to books but this collection spoke to me through its separate voices of the existence of the wonderful world of Eath, until things fell amiss towards the end with bloody wars and unnecessary conquests.  Of course when next Mr. Rafael Lopez is venturing into the fantastic land to obtain another collection from its libraries, I really wish to come along and experience this world firsthand. Here, Life is versed, explained, beautified through so many unique voices: Keckith, Yenba, Hefmok, Ax, Alindra and several others. It's a great collection. Looking forward to [other] unique stuff by Rafael Lopez.”

Artie Margrave
Smashwords Review

“This is a great collection of poetry that will get your imagination going and will [leave] you longing for more. Rafael Lopez is a young author but the way he is able to put words to page is absolutely amazing. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this collection. Highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys poetry.”

Jennifer Thomas
Smashwords; Amazon Review

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