• Recommended Age Range:  12 and up
  • Formats:  E-Book
  • Approx. Length:  5,417 Words

A tongue-in-cheek tale about a man who drank the water, another man and his Bazooka, and a lady with a loaded gun.  Brought together in a showdown between paranoia and reality, three once-ordinary lives will never be the same.  Some Thing is based on an actual environmental hazard along the Mexican Border and the potential for disaster.

Darkly offbeat and comical, this eco-thriller of a horror fable — by the author of An Ill Wind Blows, Dance Of The Chupacabras, and The Macabre Mind Of Lori R. Lopez — takes that warning not to drink the water to extremes and exposes a very real scenario:  toxic dumping along the international U.S. and Mexico Border.  These things have a way of bouncing back with a vengeance, which is the case for one unfortunate fellow who forgets to heed the warning.  But perhaps it was already too late.  Something’s happening and it isn’t pretty.  It isn’t friendly.  It’s . . . SOME THING!!!


“But in the past five hours, he had only sipped a glass of . . .

Didn’t they warn you about the water in foreign lands?

“Something’s in the water!”  That was what the perspiring tourist had whispered to the bored official.  Like he’d never heard that one before.

~ from Some Thing

AN AFFABLE GUY in rectangular shades strode the sidewalk as if he had all the time in the world.  Indeed he thought he did, for we seldom if ever glimpse what lies before us.  We blunder unwittingly into the thick or thin of it and take our chances.

Resplendently attired with a genuine Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, designer sandals slapping the pavement, he did not resemble a man accustomed to the demands of deadlines.  His attitude was casual, laidback.  Until, that is, there ignited in his gut a sensation akin to a petroleum inferno.  Heartburn, he assumed.  Something he ate or drank was definitely not agreeing with him.  But in the past five hours, he had only sipped a glass of . . .

Didn’t they warn you about the water in foreign lands?

A hand to his belly, drenched with sweat, Evan Pond staggered off the sidewalk into a bustling avenue.  Automobiles dodged and swerved, horns blared.  He must have lost his mind was the general consensus.  At that moment, however, he couldn’t care less how anyone regarded him.  The bottom had dropped out.  He was reeling with agony, a man on fire from the inside, with a very bad case of internal combustion!

Honors & Praise

“Imagine sitting in your home and Something is there with you, you are not sure what it is but for Bash, all he can think is danger and gets his bazooka, yes bazooka.”

“This short story will be an eery reminder of all of the water warnings from around the globe. What happens when someone does drink the water? Well I will tell you [now] that it can turn into a nightmare!! You will learn just how scary it can be.

Imagine sitting in your home and Something is there with you, you are not sure what it is but for Bash, all he can think is danger and gets his bazooka, yes bazooka.

That is all this review will tell you about it, you will have to read to find out, but there is also the lady across the street. With all of the noise in the neighborhood Henna, that lady I mentioned, decides to investigate.

Henna is a pistol packing lady with the intention to help her neighbor and keep her neighbor hood safe.

This story is awesome. Another Lori Lopez story that is a must read for all.”

Jennifer Thomas
Goodreads; Amazon Review

“When a man visiting Mexico drinks water tainted with more than just Montezuma’s Revenge, he transforms into a hideous creature that barely resembles the human he once was. His quest to seek out help results in some unexpected antics and an unforeseen relationship between two neighbors quite literally caught in the crossfire.

“Some Thing” is fun, quirky, and disturbing all wrapped up in one bite-sized horror comedy. It has the classic Lopez flavor, being fast-paced and delightfully unique, and I would recommend it to those who have enjoyed her other stories THE DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS and “Creep.””

Lisa Lane, “The Cerebral Writer” (Author Leigh M. Lane)
Amazon Review

“Just what is in the water?? . . . another brilliant tale from the warped, yet wonderful, mind of Ms Lopez. The depth of the characters give you a real insight into their lives and thereby allows you to care for them!
However, that does not seem to be the main point of this story, merely a wonderus by product! . . . Funny in parts, spooky in others… and just a bit eeek!”

Vix Kirkpatrick
The Fluffy Red Fox Reviews; Amazon Review

“Some Thing by Lori R. Lopez is an entertaining horror short story that keeps you hooked till the end. The author has used the major environmental issue of water contamination at the US-Mexican border as the main theme and cleverly sculpted it into an intriguing horror plot. A man traveling across the US-Mexican border drinks contaminated water, a mistake he later regrets. All hell breaks loose when his health deteriorates. Meanwhile, in the nearest border town, a single lady in her forties suspects there is an intruder in the neighborhood. Her seventy-four-year-old neighbor Bash lives alone in a cottage, mourning his dead wife Lucy after whom he named his bazooka. The seemingly normal lives of these three characters will never be the same once they act on their instincts.

Some Thing is quite fast-paced, thrilling, and easy to read. The reader can readily visualize the story and feel the characters' emotions. After reading this tale, you will think twice about consuming water from unfamiliar sources while traveling. The story also delves into the depths of moral responsibility toward one's duties and the consequences of failing to be honest while performing them. You can sense the regret and loneliness that the characters go through, while a dangerous intruder is lurking in the yard. There is a constant feeling of dread throughout which makes it quite thrilling and enjoyable. I am looking forward to reading more of Lori R. Lopez's work. I would recommend this book to horror readers.”

Reviewed by Rajendra Sarilla for Readers’ Favorite
Barnes & Noble Review

“I’m not sure, after reading this short story by Lori R. Lopez, that I will ever be able to drink water again. At least not unless I boil it first, or better yet take it to a chem lab to be examined.

Our erstwhile protagonist, a man who should be doing his job correctly, has been taking a little less care with his duties than he should. In fact, he has been corrupted by the lure of a quick buck to not report his findings.

Unfortunately for him, maybe he should have been more diligent. His lack of consideration to duty may, in fact, be the start of something much bigger. Is the apocalypse right around the corner? In the local water supply maybe.

Another good short by Ms. Lopez that will keep you thinking.”

Karen Bryant Doering
Parents’ Little Black Book; Amazon Review

“Lori R. Lopez takes us on a short, but truly entertaining ride in her new tongue-in-cheek tale, with believable characters you’re just going to love. She give us action, suspense, and something downright creepy that will have you wondering just what the hell was in that water. I’m serious, I was looking for my “to read some fiction” fix this morning before starting my day, and it took less than an hour to get it. I was hooked from the start. Two bony thumbs up and a gentle smack of the evil jester bell for this delightful piece of short fiction.”

Facebook Review

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