• Recommended Age Range:  All ages
  • Formats:  Paperback
  • Approx. Length:  1,059 Words, 49 Pages
  • Interior:  Color
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781489525291

A girl pokes a stick into a lake and a fish with feet climbs out.  This poetic tale is an amusing children’s fable based on one of the author’s most cherished childhood memories.  The book was written and illustrated almost two decades before being dusted off and at long last published with another such beloved belated tale, The Fox Trot.

Lori R. Lopez is the author of numerous print and E-book titles, most for ages twelve through adult, often quirky fantasies and horror stories.  Her very first completed book, The Mudpuppy is an animal story for all ages.  Venture with her to the edge of the lake.  Don’t forget your stick!


It was really a shock,

For she never imagined

That fishes could walk!

They said she was small

And would get in their way,

So she went by herself

Down the road to the lake.

~ from The Mudpuppy

It was quite a surprise!

It was really a shock,

For she never imagined

That fishes could walk!

~ from The Mudpuppy

She was lonely that day

At her grandparents’ house.

When she wanted to play,

The others told her, “Get lost!”

They weren’t very kind

And said she had rabies.

They hid from her, teasing

That they didn’t play with babies.


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